Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girls Will Be Girls..

As most of you know.. after 10 years of strictly sword fights and football (of which I'd grown to appreciate and had accepted would be my only entertainment for years to come..) somehow the heavens (and perhaps my cute Mom, while hanging out up there) decided to bless me with this marvelous little thing. A girl.
And since she was bound to be my only one (seeing how we've "closed up shop" here at the Rees baby factory!) I truly believe that when they picked her out.. they made sure she was the girliest of ALL girls, ever. I can honestly say, I've never had more fun.. (and I have HAD some fun!) Just thought I'd give you a peek into a few Sophie Jo moments that make my insides happy. Enjoy!

The girl likes her purse...

I mean, she REALLY likes her purse.

She loves having imaginary make-up applied.
Even by Jasens man hands.