Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ever Have An "Ugly Day??"

Well welcome to our Ugly Night!

Need I say more?

The Poofiest Pinkest Party Ever..

It was poofy.. it was pink.. it was perfect.
The poofy due to the tooling overlay on the table and chairs--
the pink because, well..

You get the idea.
And perfect, cause, obviously..

This is Sophie as the breathtakingly blue Cinderella..
And the following is Sophie in her self-created alter-ego that we lovingly refer to as, "The Crazy Princess."

She spent the better part of her birthday dressed as either one, or the other.
We love em' both.
Her and six other little decked out 'princess' friends celebrated her 3rd birthday in all of their furry, sparkly, tiara'd elegance!

She couldn't have been more pleased with the decor and events. She wandered out that morning to her 'Tea Party Wonderland' if you will.. and quietly just stared around in awe, before stating in a whisper.. "It's beautiful."

Anything for my girly girl. Anything.