Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nothin' Like A Tantrum To Start Things Off..

Hey! It's 2009! What do ya know?? That is ONE more year farther away from the one I was born in. (This has GOT to stop.) I'm wrinkly.. I enjoy bread pudding.. and almost all my kids can now make thier own cereal. How does time just KEEP rolling?? But can't complain.. the New Year started with good friends, good food-- and one VERY upset Sophie. My usually very pleasant and always ready for a party girl.. was NOT entertained by the unexpected shot of silly string aimed at her at midnight by her well-meaning-party-starting Dad. The following was her startled and offended reaction.

And so began the New Year!
(Maybe she was just upset her usual bow was not in place.)
Luckily.. she was quick to accept an apology, with her "It's O.K. Dad." reply.. and the night ended with sparkling cider and hot brownies. Doesn't get any better than that! Oh wait.. it DID..
The next day we hauled the troops up to Beaver for some good times and a great little snow storm!
Here's the radical crew..

(Next time I'll get my very cute new snowboard coat on film for ya. I'm not the best boarder out there, but I may very well have the cutest coat.)
Bo looks so rockin' in his get-up I couldn't resist gettin' a few shots of his dude-esque-ness.

Or Jasens.

Sophie was geared up and ready for me to pull her around in a sled like a snow princess.

(Next on the endless shopping list of snowboarding junk that's fun to buy, little girls PINK goggles.)
We're headin' back tomorrow. Hope to see ya there!
(I'm the one in the cute coat.)

P.S.Can someone PLEASE tell me how to rotate my pictures on here??