Sunday, December 13, 2009

And Like THAT.. It Was Gone.

So my computer was up and running, for roughly 3 hours.
Don't get me wrong-- it was a great 3 hours.. but a short 3 hours.. and now it is over.
I think it's trying to mess with my head.
So here I sit.. once again bitterly typing out words with one cramping finger.. once again getting behind on life events.. and once again feeling disconnected from my ever-so-entertaining blogworld family!
But alas.. at this juncture (I don't believe I've ever actually written out the word, juncture. It is a word, right??)
we're finding cash for Christmas gifts trumps cash for computer tech.. so if ya all could just hang in there with me and keep the computer faith til' January.. I can promise you less bitterness, more posts.
So for tonight.. Instead of blogging late into the night-- I may comfort myself by indulging in an old habit and watch "Cougartown".
(Afterall.. I am now 38, and striving for Cougar status at all costs..)
For now I will just leave ya with Sophies latest life observation:
While pointing out that she did indeed have the hiccups, she asked,
"Mom, remember when Sam had the hiccups?"
To which, although uncertain of what specific case she was referring to, assumed he had at some point in his 10 years in fact had them,
I ofcourse answered,
"Yeah," she continued.. " I think I caught them from him."

Friday, December 4, 2009

WHERE To Begin??

If "absence makes the heart grow fonder",
you all are LOVING me by now.. RIGHT?
In reference to my recent blog-hiatus.. let me just say this:
We all have trials in life.. (I have personally dealt with a slightly over-weight childhood, divorce, death,and varicose veins.. to name a few..) but I do declare that being without decent, full-size screen, internet access, for roughly a month.. has been one of my toughest.
Okay. Divorce and death were tougher.. but you get the idea.
After living like pioneers with two crashed computers for the last month, who knew disconnecting the battery from the laptop would make it all better??
(Well, apparently my darling out-of-town guest, did. Hala-ler-ya!)
So although our main computer (ya know, the one with all the photos of my 4 kids childhoods, and everything I've ever written on it..) still sits, crashed..
our laptop is here in front of me, fully functioning, all lit up like my Christmas tree!
(So in the holiday spirit of things.. can I get a
"HARK! The Blogworld starts to sing..
GLORY! Katy can write more THINGS!" )
I know. I'm much more giddy than you.. but it IS, exciting.
So.. again.. where to begin?
I'm guessing with my trip to Chicago for my dads 70th birthday, that included not only ME.. traveling all by myself for hours-- (loving every magazine-and-novel-reading-filled minute I might add. Ahhhh. Me time. Getcha some.)and not only getting a free ticket for letting them bump me to another flight (cause why NOT get bumped.. when it equals simply MORE, ME, TIME..) but taking a train into Chicago like a savvy and unafraid suburban-ite, meeting a new BFF while doing so.. and then walking through the buzzing night life of the Chicago streets(with my lip gloss I'm SURE shimmering in the street lights like your regular Sex and the City star..) to the fab hotel where I found my profoundly adorable family awaiting my arrival just as the elevator doors opened. And while that WAS a lovely beginning to a fun-filled evening of fancy food and great company.. I should move on to the real news maker of the weekend. Would it startle you if I mentioned that I ended up in ambulance??
I thought so.
Would it startle you MORE if I was in the ambulance, because while walking along Lake Michigan the next morning with my precious sister.. just a chattin' and a walkin' and a walkin' and a chattin'.. my same precious sister went to walk down closer to the lake.. and didn't see a cyclist coming straight for her at 30 miles an hour? He hit her really, really, REALLY, really, hard.
Watching the bike hit her square on, the cyclist flying into her body, and her body go down so fast, and so hard onto the cement.. and blood start to pour from her head.. sorry-- getting gory-- but it was just terribly, awfully, horrible.
So one broken thumb, four staples in the head, and a super sore existence still today.. I'm one grateful sista' that she is, in fact o.k. She doesn't feel good.. (and we kinda had to make just a little fun of the way she walked thereafter)
but she is, o.k.
Not the weekend report you were expecting now WAS it??
So. In other news: I am on the very CUSP of turning 38!!! (WHAT? Two years from 40 you say?? OH. I hadn't noticed.) At least I have my sweet St. Louis friend and her family here to celebrate with us! Par-TAY. So I will go back to being a hostess.. (instead of an over-eager Blogger who can't kill the need to play catch-up with the newly functioning computer and my world of cyber friends I've missed so dearly!)but I will leave you with Sophies latest words as she jumped onto a blanket I had spread out for her on the couch for her morning ritual of eating a little cup of dry cereal (don't judge me.. she does oatmeal, occasionally.) and watching a good Dora or two..
she literally squealed in delight at the anticipation of the coziness ahead and exclaimed:
"It's so much fun being ME!"
May you all have fun being you tonight!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who AM I??

So get this:
I started working out at a real live gym about a year ago.
Not that crazy.
But I recently began waking up at 6 am to go.
(Ya know, when it's creepy dark, and stupid cold out. Like, roosters aren't even ca-cawing yet.. THAT'S, the first bit-o-the crazy.)
I now not only do cardio, but lift weights. (It's kinda hard, and sorta burns, and I think I hate it-- but I just, keep, doing it.)
I do real guy push-ups.
I'm usually showered by 9:30-ish.. and then gather the hens eggs for my 11:00 omelet.
I still don't have a computer that runs, so for now, no longer sit and scroll through blogs and Facebook comments for hours on end..
and find that because of my early rising.. can barely stay awake for any trashy t.v. at all.
Freaked out yet??
Anyone who truly claims to know me at all, maybe should be.
Cause the Katy I know personally.. loves to sleep, only jogs, keeps showering to a tri-weekly event at best.. doesn't raise poultry, and certainly never goes to bed before 2am, especially not with a recorded Greys, unwatched.
So I repeat.. "Who, am I??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Of all the things I've lost.. I miss my blog the most..

Still no real computer.. still angry about typing with one finger on an iPhone.. and now so behind on random life's events I will most likely never document my boys first real football season, first day of school pics, our chickens first eggs (mmm.. omelets!) frolicking in the fall leaves, OR Halloween 2009.. (I know-- you're all DEVESTATED. We'll work through this together..)
But in the meantime, while I continue to with hold-- is that one word or two?--the greater part of my life from you all.. I still relish in all of your perfectly-functioning-computer generated posts, with joy... and will keep holding this tiny little phone in my numb left hand JUST long enough to share Sophies latest thought process with you all:
On the way home from Bo's basketball game this morning-- while I was discussing the way people here using the phrase "..clear over there" somehow really tickles my son Sam.. Sophie pipes in with this oh-so-important-at-age-3, question on life:
"Mom, if I don't even have a crush on anybody, who am I supposed to even marry?"

Monday, October 19, 2009

So help me.....

.. If my computer was my spouse -- I would leave it. And I'd take the leather couches.
It has chosen to crash itself into oblivion, again. Like, won't even turn on really. I think it's just messing with me now.
In the meantime I'm trying to type this on my sons itouch, and it's making me cranky.
Anybody know any good computer guys?? Cause until I find one.. I refuse to blog with 2 fingers on a five inch screen, and will miss you all dearly.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And I'm BACK...(Now New And Improved, With Oats!)

Miracles really do happen.
I turned on my computer tonight.. completely prepared to find it slow as ever and ready to be irked.
And then.. WA-LA. Look at me!! I'm hitting buttons and clickin' left and right.. only to have it RESPOND! AND QUICKLY!
Let's just all take a moment to give thanks.
So obviously.. after quite a dry spell.. I need to post like a ho-bo needs a drink.
(Sorry. That was judgemental. Not all ho-bo's drink. And ho-bo is probably politically incorrect. My apologies to all the ho-bo's reading my blog tonight, sober.)
For starters.. I feel a need to share my "Facebook Moment". Though more committed to the blogworld.. I do tend to dabble in the Facebook universe sporadically.. and recently found a darling friend that I hadn't had contact with since maybe 8th grade.
We somehow realized we both had a thing for really good oatmeal. (I know.. the first thing most people discuss after 23 years.. IS oatmeal.) She told me about these great steel-cut oats from Trader Joes, with organic brown sugar and fancy dried fruit that I must try.. (which of course I replied that I'd love to.. but not ONLY do we not have a Trader Joes-- could she believe I also survive without Target??)
long story long.. a few days later.. THIS shows up on my doorstep:

With THIS, inside..

which contained.. THESE:

(By the way.. Sophie was my photographer. She's a rookie, but I was kinda impressed she even got my face.)
I then, joyfully, made THIS:

It was delicious.
All hail cyber friendships.
It's good to be back.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

THIS Could Get Annoying...

So my computer has taken a turn for the worse.. and out of the clear old open blue, for no apparent reason-- it's taking at least 30 seconds to respond to EVERY click I attempt.
(That was my frustrated mumblings.. along with my empty stomach.)
So I'm here, not with a clever antidote or good picture or ANYTHING interesting.. but to ask for your understanding in my temporary "comment break" here in blog world. (It's like a cigarette break.. without the smell. Or nicotine.)
I do love ya all.. just don't have the time or patience to respond appropriately to all your adorable posts.
NOW what am I supposed to do?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just A Few Things I'd Rather Be Doing...

I'm "processing" homemade spaghetti sauce that I whipped up with the 489 tomatoes we needed to deal with from our garden. Though secretly a bit tickled with myself for maybe being successful at something so organic and old-fashioned-y..
I also find it tedious, and messy.. and really, really, time consuming.
So as I sit.. watching boiling water splatter over the edges and onto the floor..
I feel the need to make a list of all the things I'd rather be doing.
Here we go.
1. Stepping off a plane into a tropical paradise.
2. Getting a pedicure. (And I'm not even due for one.)
3. Shopping for a bunch of really great clothes, with some random credit card I was gifted for no apparent reason.. (from a pink unicorn that showed up at my door?)
4. Watching a really good episode of anything really good.
5. Eating pie.
6. Sitting with a bunch of girls talking about how droopy we look naked, and what procedures we would have done if cash, and staff infection, weren't issues.
7. Out to lunch at Le Nonne with my husband talking about our next dream vacation to the paradise I spoke of earlier.
8. Watching a maid scrub every living inch of my house.
9. Getting a 2 hour massage. Make it 3. I hate worrying that it's gonna end too soon.
10. Poking my EYES out...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Sum Things Up...

Our weekdays.. and especially weeknights-- have been a lil', BUSY.
Lately we spend lots of our lives piling in and out of the mini-van. From about 4-8, we are usually shuttling around town hitting practices, games, and an occassional haircut when possible. Sophie kinda summed up our life in a van last night. While attempting to stuff her little face with a veggie-loaded Subway sandwich, in her carseat, waiting for Jesses practice to END already.. she calmly pointed out,
"Mom. A tomato just landed on my foot."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is It Innapropriate, If It's Hilarious?

I failed to notice.. until it was pointed out to me.. that the zucchini in the picture below.. is placed just so-- that it looks like Jasens big, green, weiner.
My apologies.

What WE Did Last Night..

While they did this...

I, did this..

(Yeah. It IS an edible map of the U.S. Regions.. for Jesse's 8th grade history class.I enjoy such projects-- and have a tendency to take them over whether asked to, or not. And yes.. those ARE Sophies pudgy little fingers lookin' to snag a marshmallow or two.)
How was YOUR Monday night?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nachos And Nighties..

So this last Friday was my annual "Get Outta Dodge Free" weekend! Every year my sisters husbands side of the family has this great "STARS" (Sisters Time And Retreat) weekend, that Sophie and I more often refer to as "The Girl Party". I've been lucky to get to know and love all of my sisters sister-in-laws, and their daughters, and daughter-in-laws, and THEIR daughters, over the years.. and once I had my own daughter.. we were invited to join in the the ultimate all-girl slumber party! SO, FUN.
There were nieces..

Big friends..

Little friends..

Darling friends..

And always, talent. (Here you would be witnessing the latest remake of Beyonces "Single Ladies", obviously.)

Of course.. with such remarkable acts.. there must always follow.. a very formal awards show..

With a captivated audience.. (you have to know my hilarious niece to fully appreciate her in this get-up..)

And no big event is complete without tipsy stars in gorgeous gowns..

Breath-taking, are we not??
(My sister morphed into THE most hilarious stoned Tammy-Faye-esque character ever.)

We laughed so hard applying our lipstick I think I might have just peed my pants a tiny bit.. and isn't that what it's all about??
Good food.. good friends..
and just a little bit of pee in your pants???
Thanks ladies! Loved every minute.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suffering From High Self-Esteem..

So I've always been a bit of a "praiser" if you will.
I compliment freely. I point out things I find unique or outstanding in human beings in general. Strangers even.
The checker at the grocery store-- the cable guy.
I enjoy letting people know they are admired for anything from a real-life skill.. to a good pair of earrings.
So yeah... I praise.
Especially my kids. I just like em. I think they're great. I think they are funny and interesting and kind and good.
Whether or not they actually are.. dunno.
I just know I think they are.. can't help it..and let them know it.
Now I have heard the argument against "too much" praise.. but those imaginary people trying to make us follow their life rules, aren't the boss of me.. and I decided a long time ago I wasn't ever going to NOT say something positive, or hold back on any form of approval, for anyone. Especially, my kids.
Having said that.. I can admit when there might be, a bit of a glitch in the system.
Case in point: If ya haven't noticed, I find much to adore in my one and only daughter. Not only is she my youngest.. and last child-- she is a GIRL.
Therefore.. much like my kids before her.. I am constantly pointing out her adorable-ness, to pretty much anyone who will listen, but most often.. to her personally.
In my defense.. she IS darling. She IS hilarious and ridiculously fun. I mean, do I really have a choice in the matter?
I hadn't realized how much MORE she obviously hears the compliments aimed at her, as opposed to her brothers.. until yesterday when she casually asked,
"Mom.. am I really, really, really, really, really, really.. special?"
"Yes".. I answered.. "you are really, really, really, really, really, REALLY special."
To which she concluded..
"And the boys are just.. plain, special?"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bring On The 'Nanners!

So it's Labor Day.. which means-- Labor Day sales..
at the grocery store.
One of the better deals to catch my ever-wandering-and-so-unsure-WHAT-to-purchase-and-prepare eyes, was the 20 cent/per pound, bananas.
Wow. 20 cents. Better buy LOTS.
So I did.. bout 20, to be exact.. and since, have been anxiously engaged in adding them to anything I can, before they (you know the drill..)
1. brown
2. sit on your counter cause you're sure you'll make banana bread, and then..
3. end up in the composte pile.
They have been eaten straight, in SlimFast shakes, and sliced-- with peanut butter.
I have always enjoyed the banana and peanut butter combo.. and in recent months have often even added a single chocolate chip on TOP of the banana slice, nestled into the peanut butter..
BUT, it wasn't until this morning.. that I added the final, and in my opinion.. PERFECT, final touch.
Imagine if you will.. a slice of perfectly ripened nanner..
a swirl of creamy, albeit generic, peanut butter..
a delicately placed chocolate chip..
and finally..
a piece of nutty pecan.
Go ahead.. try it.
Unless you have a nut allergy..
or are maybe grossed out by bananas..
you're GONNA like it.
I know I did.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well What's Not Cute About That??

Sophie turned 3 this year.. which means a few different things.
1. She is getting, bigger. And that's sad. Included in that fact-- is that she is growing out of some of my favorite outfits and shoes of hers, which is also, sad.
(May I mention, however.. that the latter has caused justification in purchasing new, fun, fall get-ups.. and that is not sad.
THAT, is fun.)
2. She has grown even fonder of eyeshadow, lip gloss, and anything with a "heel".
3. She still thinks boys kissing girls, is gross.. and that the boys on underwear packages WEARING underwear.. is even grosser.
4. She has learned to walk a fierce, imaginary catwalk.. and refers to herself as Emily pretty often, for no apparent reason.
(Oh.. and USES that phrase "for no apparent reason" on occasion.
Like the other night.. I hear a clunk.. and then there she was, running to me with tears streaming down her cheeks exclaiming,
"I just fell on the floor for NO APPARENT REASON!")
5. And really, the most important part.. and point of this particular entry..
the girl is finally old enough, to play KICKBALL.

Seriously.. I repeat.. WHAT is not cute about that??
She has been waiting all summer for this.
She loves her shirt, loves her hat, loves her coach.. and loves finally being the one to rake in the prized "after-snack."
She also highly enjoys being asked by her coach, "Where are ya gonna run to?"
So she can point really hard, at first base.

Here she is "digging in" with those versatile pink, flip-flops.
On the beach, or at a.. um.. kickball game-- where CAN'T you sport pink flip-flops?
I really did get her a pair of tennies after the first game.

Pink, "sparkly" tennies.. of course.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why It's A Good Thing I Went To The Gym This Morning...

'Cause.. well, when I got in my car to go.. the steering wheel was still greasy from the cheese-filled Pizza Plus breadsticks I just COULDN'T wait to get home to eat last night-- so snarfed down at least 3, while driving.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Multi-tasking. It's A Gift.

Tonight, between approximately 9:00 and 9:15.. I:
1. Bathed a child.
2. Boiled, prepared, and served, pasta.
(I know.. late dinner. But dinner none the less.)
3. Threw in some laundry.
4. Changed the sheets on Sophies bed.
5. Fixed a shelf full of toys that collapsed in the process.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Bo Jangles...

or as he's often referred to round these parts.. simply-- "Jangles" turned SEVEN today!
Seriously? Seven?? That's so not 5, or 6. It's SEVEN. Something about it's harsh odd number character and threatening sharp shape.. just makes it seem so much bigger, older.. so, SEVEN.
So of course, in perfect Katy's-A-Spaze fashion, amidst school registration, dentist appointments, and out of town visitors, --
I kinda missed this birthdays sudden approach.. and on Sunday night, roughly 48 hours before the big day, when Bo asked,
"So when's my party?" I answered, completely unprepared, yet unfazed.. "Well on your birthday of course."
Hey! Nothin' a few apologetic last-minute'phone call invites' and trip to Wal-Mart can't make happen! The day arrived-- and,

Seven seven-year-olds at a seven-year-old, party.
(Complete with a pinata for a, um.. 3-year-old.. that was "cleverly".. I use the word lightly.. presto-changoed into an obvious B. Ya know.. for Bo.)
A scavenger hunt and few water balloons later.. and a party had been had.
Oh.. and inner tube races..

'Cause what's a party without inner tube races?

I really enjoyed the hard-cold-cash look in his eyes here..(I mean.. what's a party without hard, cold, CASH?)

So many fun friends, so many fun gifts..

SOOOOO many weird faces..

and so many happy birthday wishes from me.. to my darling, hilarious, seven-year-old, Jangles.

I love every bit of your double-dimple-faced little self. Happy birthday my boy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Missed Me--Missed Me.. Do Ya Wanna Kiss Me??

I know. You've been on the edge of your computer chair seat.. awaiting my return.
Well.. I'm BACK! Back from a really RADICAL trip (can you tell I was chillin' with my very much younger, and oh-so-much cooler nephews and nieces while ON that trip?? I have now committed myself to using both the words "radical", and "rad" on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy it.)
Back from 12 days of getting to look at, and talk to, and laugh at.. my brothers and sister..

and their darling families.
I'm back from morning jogs to the boardwalk and circuit training on the pool deck overlooking the ocean.
Back from days lounging on the beach next to my hubby..

while my kids roll in the huge, crashing waves.. and dig in the brown-sugar sand.
Back from nights strolling each towns fry-filled boardwalks..
and eating more Grottos pizza and Cream of Crab soup than any 37-year-old with a mediocre metabolism should ever indulge in.

Back from sister time..
..girl time..
and a highlight.. "spa" time!
Back from midnight rounds of 'Celebrity' and 'Charades'..
Candy Kitchen treats out the wa-zoo...
and cousins.

Lots and lots.. of darling.. entertaining.. fun, fun, cousins.
Infact.. RAD cousins.

(they don't actually MAKE these faces in real life.)
Trust me when I say there are at least another 50 shots of those very fun cousins.. but this downloading is gettin' a little tedious-- and my kids would appreciate my attention at SOME point today.. so I'll stop. But ya get the idea.
So for now.. though I loved every minute of it.. I'll just be back. Back to ortho appointments.. football practice taxi.. and watering our dying lawn. Back to laundry, and bills, and our busted bumper. (Oh yeah. Did I mention Jasens fender bender before leaving?? No injuries.. other than.. um.. the bumper.) So even though I would go BACK.. in an INSTANT even.. it's always good to BE back. Back to our town, and streets, and friends, and home. Back to our own pillows and blankets. Back to bed before 3am (well.. for the most part..) and eating fruit on a regular basis.

And back to hearing about all of your own summer adventures through the beautiful world of blog.
Happy sporadic summer posting to all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why I Don't LOVE The Pool..

So we've frequented the local pool a few times this week. 3 times to be exact.. which is 3 more times then we attended last summer. (Something about the random rash-infusing virus that was plaguing pools in our general area.. turned us off.. a tad.)
But in general, I've been a fan of pools most of my life. They represent summer and tan lines, and a good virgin pina colada when there's a fancy "pool bar". We had neighborhood pools for the first 8 years of marriage and our kids have grown up with pink cheeks and pruny skinned fingertips and toes. So I'm not sure why, just recently.. when I focus on what a public pool is (a huge cesspool of bathwater, essentially..) I have a hard time not throwing up in my throat a little.
MAYBE it's because when I do think too hard about it.. I come up with a mental list of all the things I know to be somewhere IN that clear sparkling, oh-so-inviting, TUB of humans.
Sweat. Lots of it.
Spit. Even more of that.
Boogers. Seriously.
Dandruff. Think about it.
Scabs. Soggy, soggy, disintegrating, scabs.
And hair. BOTH kinds.
I know.
There's chlorine too.
I get it.
But I don't believe in it.
Don't trust it.
And don't accept that it's capable of doing what would be necessary to kill,dissolve and destroy the items above--
without killing us all in the process.
So there.
Sorry to poop on your summer fun.
(Oh yeah.. POOP. And PEE. Add those to the list.)
But it's not all bad. I will admit, though truly disgusting.. there is an upside to turning the kids loose for hours to frolic in others mucus and secretions.

This is how you find them way before bedtime.
May all your little ones avoid various types of disease.. and get tuckered out too.
Happy tan lines to all.

Friday, July 10, 2009

You Say Television Is Having An Effect On Our Children?

Today Sophie said..
"Mom, there's an iron.. (referring to a flat iron for hair, of course..)
that's on T.V., that is better than our pink one."
(She was referring to our new 'pink dazzle' CHI. I bought it drug-deal style on the side of the road in downtown Salt Lake from a parked black car, for $35.00. I do live on the edge.)
"Oh, it's better?" I responded.. "How come?"
"Because," she continued,
"it looks like you walked out of a salon everyday."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Lucky Mama.

It happened 13 years ago TODAY.
A tiny little sweet-faced boy, with blue eyes, and dark hair, with a tiny cowlick right at the top of his forehead..
was layed in my arms--
and I became a Mom, for the very first time ever.
I have now been proud to be his Mom, for 13 years..
(making not only myself, OBVIOUSLY very old..) but more importantly, HIM, a "teenager."
How lucky I am to have had him sent to me. How grateful I am that the Lord trusted me with such a dear little spirit. A little person who I would love beyond my ability to comprehend, and who would love me back, every single day. A little boy that would say things to melt my heart.. and at his PRECIOUS age of 3, would sing "Livin' The Vida Loca" into his stand up microphone, as many times as I asked him to.
He has always been my buddy.. my respectful, thoughtful, son.
He is now my funny, mature, loyal and responsible oldest sibling,
and smart, talented "young man".
He is his little brothers really cool hero..

and little sisters first choice of a shoulder to lean on.

He LOVES his cousins..

LOVES roller coasters..

LOVES snowboarding..

and LOVES the guitar.

I LOVE that he is mine.
Happy birthday my very first teenager. I love you forever.