Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waking Up To Hot Crocked Chicken..

So.. things get busy. You're movin', you're groovin'. You've got dinner on the table, and another dinner in the crockpot for TOMORROW even. (Why? Cause you've got thawed chicken you've been meaning to cook for 5 days, you can't RE-freeze, and if you don't use it NOW, it's rotten.. and there goes 4 chicken breasts of the 60 you bought at the case sale.. DOWN the drain. We cannot be wasting perfectly good chicken in such times as these, now can we?) And then you're cleaning up dinner.. you're doin' dishes.. you're giving baths, homework advice, and tuck-ins.. and NEXT thing you know-- it's 7 a.m., and the house smells VERY strongly of crock-potted chicken. So if the now 12 hours it's been going isn't enough.. you get busy. You're rushin' kids to school, ya gotta fit in that work-out.. you really gotta SHOWER after that work-out (ESPECIALLY if you've worn that work-out get-up 2 days in a row like you KNOW you have..) gotta meet that friend for a birthday lunch, and you GOTTA read Sophie her new books from the book fair. Suddenly, it's 2:00. You MUST pick up your oldest from school, and you MUST get on-line and be sucked into the blog/facebook/snowboarding jacket websites for at LEAST a good hour.. before you realize you can't even SMELL the chicken anymore. You have become one with the overpowering stinch of it. And now.. NOW, 24 hours later, it is dinnertime. And there the chicken sits. Dark. Shriveled. "Well-done". And you serve it up. Because it's your chicken. And you cooked it.. and it will not go to waste.