Monday, February 23, 2009

Can I Get A "Yee-Haw"???

Yeah. That's me and Trace Adkins.. case you were wonderin'!
(Sidenote: Trace Atkins is a country STAR.. for those of you not blessed with the gift of country music in your sad little lives!)
He wasn't NEAR as enthusastic about our meeting as I was.. but he was a gentlemen, and avoided getting that permanant marker in his hand, on my cute shirt.
Last weekend I had my big trip to Kansas City
with my Rees Ladies! (Jasens 3 sisters and Mom.)

One of his sisters (The one to the very left that lives in Nashville.. who usually has her eyes OPEN!)used to be Trace Adkins wife's personal assistant.
So 5 free tickets and 5 backstage passes later.. we were THERE!

And WOO-EE-shut-my MOUTH did we have a good time!
(I also enjoyed the hotel..)

Not only did the lobby have a REALLY cool floor..
(do you think there's many germs on a hotel/casino floor??)

But cigarettes in the casino were only six bucks a pack! Bonus!

It was a honky-tonk-ba-donk-a-tonk-time. Thanks girls.