Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Your Average Sunday Afternoon..

Some people rest. Some read. Perhaps a few go on nature walks.. or pray alot.
Us? We decided it was a great afternoon to demolish our famously hideous, at LEAST 40year old, tater cellar. Wasn't long before the hammers were pounding.. rusty nails we're flying.. and there were even neighbors gathered round to join in the festivities. Due to highly uncooperative participants-- I failed to get a shot that truly shares the excitement and energy of pure destruction.. but WAS able to capture just HOW nasty of a structure.. how truly offensive to the naked eye.. this particular tater cellar, is. Make that, WAS.

Let me know what kind of awful visions of slum-like poverty it stirs up for you personally. The back side's even nicer.

Jesse dared to take on the surely haunted innards.

Brynne and Bryan.. crutches and all.. just couldn't resist joining the party.
(Don't let the sitting fool you.. Brynne took out a whole wall single-handedly before the day was done. Who said bunion surgery has to slow a girl down??)
And ooh! Look! There's our other 'fancy' shed behind them! Jealous?

Off to shed heaven.

All in all-- a good time had by all. Only 97 more home improvement projects to go..