Sunday, December 21, 2008



From a good snow storm.. a brand new snow outfit.. (does someone like to pose??) Bo's Christmas Concert TWO Christmas dresses..

Yup. Definitely Christmas.
Now. About the Christmas cards. The following is the picture I used for my Christmas cards..

It seemed O.K. at the time.. but somehow upon shrinking it into a bordered Christmas photo (which I wasn't happy with, so ended up putting in ANOTHER card border. It's jacked up.)I found I resembled an asymmetrical-faced transvestite with fuzzy ocean-air hair.. it really looked freakishly different from the original(as many of you across the miles will be able to enjoy as you recieve copies of it.) Hmmm. Too late to do anything about it now.. and I know its not ALL about the Christmas picture (but it KINDA is..) So this is my disclaimer. To those of you that find my card in your mailbox.. I know. I look a little creepy.. and I should of gone with THIS one..

BUT! It's Christmas! And we're warm and safe and happy.. Sophie dancing around in her bloomers from under her church dress-- singing random Christmas lyrics, presents tucked away hiding in every spare nook and cranny we could find, and a really cute tin of peppermint bark on the counter. So I won't sweat the card. So I'll love that there's snow to look at, and lights lining our little downtown, and treats from neighbors pouring through the door. So fa-la-la-la-la. Merry Cozy Christmas to you.