Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ya Know You're Tired When...

Kay.. remember how we went to Disney?? Did I mention how fun it was? And oh yeah.. how EXHAUSTING it was? Uh-huh. It was. It started at 4 am on a Monday-- and ended at midnight.. on a Monday-- and in between was 8 days of straight go-go-do-do. It was fabulous.. and a good exhausting, but exhausting the same. And I'd like to prove that exhaustion, with a little tid-bit of our 8-hour journey back to Utah, that I found really hilarious. (I know.. it's so over and done a month ago.. but I've been meaning to share ever since.) So we're hanging at our 4 hour layover (yeah, I said FOUR) in Dallas, and finally get on our last plane home. Jasen had run into a little shop to get us some magazines (cause I get SO much down time on a plane with four kids and their perfectly timed demands.. but ya gotta dream) and upon settling in, I asked what magazine Jasen had gotten for me. Seemingly quite pleased with himself he answered, "I got you TWO." Now I found that interesting, being that I'm pretty much strictly a PEOPLE fan, and was curious to know what other choice he thought I might enjoy. He then proudly presented me with not one, but TWO, People magazines. Some extra special edition he'd guessed it was, when he had seen the two familiar People titles, and lovingly snatched them both up for me.
It wasn't until I pointed out that the special edition.. was um..

in Spanish.. that he even kinda noticed something was off.
Yeah. He was just tired.