Thursday, October 2, 2008

Me. On a Budget.

In the last month.. I have canned tomatoes from our garden, picked--blanched (yeah, I know what that means now)--sliced--syruped (yeah, I made it a verb) and frozen peaches from our very own peach tree, weeded and pulled up old pumpkin vines wearing real gardening gloves, mowed my 1/2 acre, joined and prepared multiple meals for a 'dinner group' AND started, (and have stuck to for a MONTH now) a budget.
All I have to ask, is WHERE the crap is Katy Rees and WHAT have you done with her??? Is this what happens to everyone when they move to Utah? I must say, of all my latest adventures-- the budget has opened my eyes the most.. (even more so than the fat grey cat that sprang outta nowhere in my shed yesterday. Oh my gosh. I have a shed.)
Though many of you may be saying, "Surely in all her 36 years, Katy has at some point followed, or at least pretended to practice the art of budgeting".. but there's where you'd be both embarrassed for me, AND wrong. Funny how now that I am.. I find pretty much everyone else in the WORLD has been the whole time.. and the tricks and tips you all have revealed are something of a wonderment! For instance.. at any given time, Kaly can give you the lowest chicken by the pound price in town-- and Marnie has a rebate plan for almost everything you need to survive. Candice has her coupons organized in such a remarkable fashion it's almost as entertaining as a scrapbook to revel in.. and a number of girls at church have secret internet codes that can take your bargain world to a whole new level. So. I've decided to blog about my new and exciting "Random Acts Of Cheap".. because after all.. like a new outfit-- what fun is it if ya can't show somebody. For instance, in Wal-Mart (everybodys favorite place to HATE being alive. Have you ever left NOT dirty?)just
yesterday.. by check-out I was OBVIOUSLY dehydrated (after all, I'd shopped BOTH sides. Who are we kidding.. that's gotta burn like, 400 calories..) but instead of grabbing the somehow accepted but outrageously overpriced chilled Dasani for a spankin' $1.33.. I opted to pitstop at the in-store Subway on my way out and asked if I could pay for a water cup. What's that he replied?? 'Oh you can have it for free.' Ch-ching! There;s $1.33 in my pocket just waiting for that next pack of starbursts Sophie demands! I know it's exciting folks.. so I'll hold back on my 'Can I speak to a Manager' move that got me my $1.69/lb chicken tonight long after the meat department had shut down for the evening.. and just let you sit back and soak in the satisfaction and delight of the first tale. There will be more. I am ON this train (for at LEAST another month..) so stay tuned.