Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All This Fuss.. For Lil' Old Me?

THIS Mothers Day.. after church, I actually lounged in bed, READING of all things.. while my busy little party planners hustled their hineys creating this:

Pretty cute. The fresh flowers from our yard were my favorite.. and LOOK!

I got my own "lobsta"!
AND sweet potato with brown sugar-- and asparagus.. two of my all-time favorites. Mmmmmm. Kinda want it again.
I even had my very own cake.

You'll notice that because it was mine, and it WAS Mothers Day.. I permitted myself to just stick a fork right in the corner and do some taste-testing.. before the meal even started. I mean.. I AM the Mom.
After all the tastiness.. melted butter and all.. I went BACK to lounging, and reading.. while the "help" finished up the dishes. (I only heard one blast of shattered glass-- and it took everything I had to NOT rush to the scene. They handled it. No blood that I know of.)
All in all.. just LOVELY. How I love being a Mom. How grateful I am for a Mom that loved being one too. It was a darling day.. with all kinds of love and acts of kindness from my little family. (Maybe deep down they were just doing it to thank me for giving in to the "chick" idea.. and for the 20 times I've cleaned up chick-poop-papers in the last 72 hours. If so.. you're welcome guys.)
And a happy belated Mothers Day to all you selfless ladies out there that I love. (May today be one of those "good" Mom days!)