Sunday, March 8, 2009

Check Out My RACK!

Not THAT rack.. ya pervs.
The rack you may have already caught a view of in my huge, front window. It's actually Jasens rack. The rack that holds what he holds most dear in life. Tiny, buried, tomato seeds.
He is one committed little gardener.. and after a long cold winter (that if you've still noticed, isn't even kinda over..) of sitting in his easy chair with his Gardeners Bible in hand.. he just could not wait another minute.

We spent his last day off at Anderson Seed-- looking through a catalog.. a CATALOG.. of SEEDS. Didn't know there was such a thing. Thought catalogs were for shoes and pretty underwear.. and toys to circle for Christmas. But there it was.. and there we stood-- for a really, really, long, time.. choosing just the right 'breeds' (wait.. that's not the right word..) of everything from peas to turnips.. and left with $40.00 of 'bulk' seeds, and one enthusiastic husband.
So about the rack. He claims the front window is THE best spot for his precious seedlings to thrive.. and has now added a space heater to 'fake summer' temperatures..
(it's a very deceitful process.)
There was a time I would of refused. Couldn't of taken the clutter in our already tight kitchen table quarters.. and balked at the look of a red, metal RACK in my front window 24/7.
But he loves it. And I love him. And I love that he loves it.
So go ahead. Do a drive by. Check out my rack.