Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've Been Bug Tagged.. (THIS Is New!)

I've been invited to list 10 things that bug me. Kinda fun to get to be annoyed by request.. so here goes-- I'll try to keep it to 10!

1. Spit gathering in the corners of peoples mouths. I know, they can't help it..
2. Wet towels being left on the end of my bed!
3. How cold my car is at 7 am.
4. Those stringy mens tank tops that a guy wears at the gym. Ya know.. that look like a loose shirt that's been cut into stringy thin straps. Ew.
5. The fact that my dog, who I adore.. sheds.
6. No Target in this town. (It hurts every,single,day.)
7. Mean people.
8. The word "Shut-up." Especially when used on kids, by adults. Every time I hear it happen I wanna call social services.
9. People assuming things.
10.Toys that aren't fun, and don't work right.

Ooh-- I'm having kinda a good time-- just a couple more..

11. Clutter.
12. My boobs after nursing 4 babies.
13. Cooking.
14. How many fat grams a Fish Fillet has in it.
15. Chinzy portions at fancy restaurants.
16. When I wear the wrong underwear jogging and it slides down as I run.
17. When there's not a good country song on my satellite radio.
18. How fast my house gets dusty.
19. The crack in my windshield.
20. The price of nuts. Seriously.

Kay..got kinda carried away there! (I feel refreshed gettin' all that out!)
I tag Brynne, Heidi, Emily, and Abby.. GO! (As long as I already broke thre rules.. I also tag anyone who feels like doing it.)