Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nachos And Nighties..

So this last Friday was my annual "Get Outta Dodge Free" weekend! Every year my sisters husbands side of the family has this great "STARS" (Sisters Time And Retreat) weekend, that Sophie and I more often refer to as "The Girl Party". I've been lucky to get to know and love all of my sisters sister-in-laws, and their daughters, and daughter-in-laws, and THEIR daughters, over the years.. and once I had my own daughter.. we were invited to join in the the ultimate all-girl slumber party! SO, FUN.
There were nieces..

Big friends..

Little friends..

Darling friends..

And always, talent. (Here you would be witnessing the latest remake of Beyonces "Single Ladies", obviously.)

Of course.. with such remarkable acts.. there must always follow.. a very formal awards show..

With a captivated audience.. (you have to know my hilarious niece to fully appreciate her in this get-up..)

And no big event is complete without tipsy stars in gorgeous gowns..

Breath-taking, are we not??
(My sister morphed into THE most hilarious stoned Tammy-Faye-esque character ever.)

We laughed so hard applying our lipstick I think I might have just peed my pants a tiny bit.. and isn't that what it's all about??
Good food.. good friends..
and just a little bit of pee in your pants???
Thanks ladies! Loved every minute.