Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can Man Survive On Cold Cereal Alone?

So Bo doesn't enjoy alot of foods not involving sugar. In efforts to balance out his intake of left over Christmas stocking candy and "fruit" snacks-- and perhaps even add a few vitamins, I've found he does like a good bowl of rice krispies or corn flakes. I've also found cereal to be possibly the fastest to prepare, and easiest to clean up, of all afternoon snacks as well. In addition.. I've discovered last minute before-bed-time hunger pains are ALSO most efficiently dealt with, with a hearty bowl of wheat chex (and hey! Fiber to boot.) So my question to you.. the blogging world-- is this: If on occasion, (and by occasion, I mean at LEAST 3 times a week)the boy eats nothing but cereal.. with a banana or grapefruit tossed in now and again.. will he be developing any deficiencies or bizarre behavior patterns I should be aware of??