Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vegas..(all together now) BABY!!!

So even though I've "Facebooked" the whole album..
(muffled grumble from the ever-jealous Blog)
for the sake of easy-browsing in a more cozy environment in the future,
thought I'd nestle a few shots from our Vegas
(BABY! I can't not say it after. It's like an involuntary reaction.)
Spring Break trip, here into my
"trusty-even-when-abandoned" blog.
It just seems like the right thing to do.

Let me start by saying I'm a
"I love Vegas!"-er..
as opposed to the "I hate Vegas!"-ers.
I know that within Vegas, of course there exists,
the raw,
the raunchy,
and vomit-laden,
if that's what you're after.
BUT, how WE do Vegas..
which is pool by day,
and lit-up-like-a-firecracker with oh-so-much to see Strip by night..
we have found it the perfect, exciting, 6-hour by car,
sun-shiney get-away.
I mean what's NOT fun about THAT??

That's what.
I guess it wouldn't be fun if our kids didn't think it was JUST as cool to hoof it around all night discovering treasures like this:

but they do!

We ate M&M's..

Sampled 16 flavors of unusually nasty Coca-cola..

(and 6 flavors of NOT nasty, gelato!)

We mocked statues..

..mocked weddings...

..made dorky faces..

..and posed in front of anything and everything we found even slightly novel...

And then, there was the SUNSHINE!! The blessed, lovely.. long-missed, SUNSHINE.

Did I mention the SUNSHINE?

I love Vegas.