Thursday, March 26, 2009

I, Have A Problem.

For some.. it's chocolate. Others.. alcohol. For ME? It's made-up theme parties for no apparent reason. Yes.. me likes the parties.
I like to get enthused about an idea.. invite people to it.. and decorate the crap out of it. I like people to come and be together-- on an average night, say, a Wednesday in March for instance-- and chat and eat and laugh. Preferably in bizarre get-ups with bad make-up and dumb hair.
Like.. THIS:
If THAT'S not a perty wedding group.. don't know what is.
The most hilarious part.. is that dear Kaly, to the very left (the one with the awesome bangs) weighs maybe 90 pounds soakin' wet. That dress is SO flattering.
It was my very own "Wedding Party".. complete with brides, bridesmaids, and wedding albums to pass around, and mock, for hours.
There were out of date brides.. like myself. (Seriously. WHAT was I thinking 14 years ago? That one day there might be a run on bad sequined lace.. so I better get it ALL on one dress? Don't get me started on my headpiece..)
There were 'hat' brides..
(Complete with original green feather guest book pen. GORGEOUS.)
There were minimal brides..

and.. drunk.. brides..

Isn't she a vision??
The velour bridesmaids (or as I like to refer to them,
"Young Compound Brides")were a big hit..

And the discolored sweat ring velour.. even bigger.. hit.

So as you can see.. about 15 friends that are game.. and a few dollar store touches..

And ya got yourself a party.
My name is Katy. And I have a problem.