Monday, November 1, 2010

And Now.. Why I Didn't Heart Halloween..

Cause I usually DO heart Halloween.
Everything about it: wigs, candy, pumpkin patches..
sassin' up the typical witch costume..
ALL of it.
But THIS year.. it kinda.. um.. BLEW.
I'd bother explaining, but it's sorta LAME.
No, wait.. I have to.
But since it's after midnight.. and we all know I should be in bed.. I'll keep it short, and quickly list just WHAT factors contributed to the "suckiness", if you will:
1. The cold.
2. The rain.
3. The cold and rain, together.
4. Running too many grown-up, necessary, but not at all festive, errands that day.. leading to a late start in the nights event.. therefore leading to..
5. Jesse getting to his posse late (along with misplacing his mustache adhesive.)
6. Sam not knowing what to be.. or even if he felt like going anymore.. and then deciding.. no, he did not feel like going anymore.
7. Bo not being able to find any of his friends that had all started trick-or-treating at NOON, and finding he was suddenly embarrassed to dress up at all.
8. Sophie.. demanding that no matter what her brothers were doing.. she wanted to go.. and she wanted to go NOW.
9. And ME.. scrambling in a mad panic to go.. anywhere.. just go.. cause somehow the freakin' Halloween Queen herself, had forgotten to buy CANDY-- and kids were approaching.
(Yup. I was the lady handing out stale doughnuts. Where have my priorities gone?)
10. Finally getting to a neighborhood to do the deed.. and having two boys sit pouting in the car, in the rain..
while Sophie pranced joyfully through the horribleness chanting:
"Trick-or-treat! Thank you! Happy Halloween!"
Okay.. the Sophie part made me happy.
A holiday can't be a total bust with THIS Pirate Princess around:

When I apologized to the car-full of ticked kids for the night not exactly panning out as we'd hoped..
her reply was precisely:
"It's O.K. Mom. I'm not mad. I still love you."

So.. maybe it didn't BITE it that hard after all.

We hit some townhouses later to make Sophies little tiny pirate legs get more for their efforts (the doors are so conveniently close together!)and followed her in the dry car as she fearlessly marched onward,
from door..
to door..
to door.

We ended the night digging for the last decent reject pumpkins to carve at Wal-mart..

..because, of course.. somehow we'd missed getting around to the carving, of the pumpkins.. (busy week folks.. busy week.) and made everything better with a Twizzleberry Yogurt stop on the way home.. cause after all.. who doesn't need more sugar on Halloween night?

Sophie made sure she didn't miss out on even one last melted drop.. which made us laugh out loud.
She didn't appreciate the laughter,
therefore said she was sad, and mad..
to which Bo replied:
"Wow. THAT'S a rough combo."
Which made us all laugh out loud, again.

So we had our moments.. but over all.. not going down as one of our best.

We'll aim higher next year.