Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Might Need Professional Help..

I went to see Edward. Again. I NEVER see movies, again. Don't buy movies when they come out on DVD.. don't watch HBO reruns. Just don't. Not interested. (Wait. Except for Notting Hill. And Breakfast Club. And O.K.-- Titanic. But that's IT.) But somehow, after at least 6 months of not even being IN a movie theatre.. just hit it twice in 5 days. For the same movie. Should the people closest to me be concerned? When does one recognize it's time for an intervention? And when will I realize that no real man is ever gonna think I smell THAT good.. or take me to a restaurant when HE'S not even eating?? Call it an obsession. Call it a fantasy..(call it a mid-life crisis. I won't be offended.) But something about the forbidden yet undying (literally.. hardy-har) devotion and intensity of the relationship in the film, really has me fixated for a minute here. I will now do my best to focus on real life, and NOT return to the theatre for at LEAST a week-- but I can't promise anything.