Monday, May 11, 2009

"Hot Chicks" In The House!

Um.. yeah. We bought chicks.
Four of them. Rocky, Nuggets, Oreo, and Princess-girl-- to be specific. (Take a guess which one Sophie named.)
I decided to give in to my husbands desire to add "organic" eggs to his mini-farm, and my children's desire to have more pets that I will surely end up feeding and cleaning up after.
It just kinda sounded fun..
and they are, really, cute. For now.

However, I'm not sure they will be AS cute.. all grown and "ca-caw-ing" and red ooey-gooey gobbler-like hangy-downer-thing-ish. But for the moment.. they are quite enjoyable.

They are 'hot'.. due to the large 250 watt bulb that must toasty them up 24/7.. and no so much for their actual, sex-appeal.

So far, they poop.. alot, but only cheep, a little..
and are a constant form of pretty 'cheep entertainment' (I'm SO clever.)for the enamoured eyes of my little ones.

And they seem pretty comfortable with us too..

(Is it creepy that I've taken to photographing small birds?)
So that's the party that is our life THIS week.
Ya'll come back now, hear?