Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Have A Confession To Make...

So, something I've ended up loving about our quirky old house.. is that the kitchen is in the front of the house. There is a big open window over the sink (which being that I STILL have no dishwasher, comes in handy for watching the exciting front lawn and exhilerating street events while I do dishes MOST of my life.) I usually leave the blinds open in that window, all day-- and into the evening, til bedtime. That is.. unless.. I happen to be cooking something tasty.. or baking something even tastier. Almost nightly.. standing there in that front window, I often find myself shoving my face.. with, oh, maybe a bite of the kids fresh hot mac n' cheese (that I would never indulge in a whole carb-filled bowl of, but will easily down 8 forkfuls of in no time flat, straight from the pan) or a couple spoonfuls of taco meat.. just to test it. But it's the finger full of cake batter I catch myself skimming from the emptied bowl, draping to my mouth, often leaving an unflattering drip on my chin.. that usually causes me to realize the blinds are indeed still open, and the outer darkness, and inner track lighting, make the vision of my gluttony like a perfectly framed piece of revolting art for all those passing by. It's at any of these moments, (but especially the baked goods batter moment) that I grapple in a mad, chocolate-covered finger panic, for the blind cord-- and quickly slap them closed.. shutting out the world from the upsetting image, that is me.
So if ya drive by anytime before midnight, and see the blinds closed.. you can pretty much bet that at some point that evening I have been licking a knife covered in icing.. or seeing how big a piece of cake I can manuever into my mouth in one bite.
Yeah. It's true. Nightly.
And I just thought it would feel good to get it out there.