Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just A Few Things I'd Rather Be Doing...

I'm "processing" homemade spaghetti sauce that I whipped up with the 489 tomatoes we needed to deal with from our garden. Though secretly a bit tickled with myself for maybe being successful at something so organic and old-fashioned-y..
I also find it tedious, and messy.. and really, really, time consuming.
So as I sit.. watching boiling water splatter over the edges and onto the floor..
I feel the need to make a list of all the things I'd rather be doing.
Here we go.
1. Stepping off a plane into a tropical paradise.
2. Getting a pedicure. (And I'm not even due for one.)
3. Shopping for a bunch of really great clothes, with some random credit card I was gifted for no apparent reason.. (from a pink unicorn that showed up at my door?)
4. Watching a really good episode of anything really good.
5. Eating pie.
6. Sitting with a bunch of girls talking about how droopy we look naked, and what procedures we would have done if cash, and staff infection, weren't issues.
7. Out to lunch at Le Nonne with my husband talking about our next dream vacation to the paradise I spoke of earlier.
8. Watching a maid scrub every living inch of my house.
9. Getting a 2 hour massage. Make it 3. I hate worrying that it's gonna end too soon.
10. Poking my EYES out...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Sum Things Up...

Our weekdays.. and especially weeknights-- have been a lil', BUSY.
Lately we spend lots of our lives piling in and out of the mini-van. From about 4-8, we are usually shuttling around town hitting practices, games, and an occassional haircut when possible. Sophie kinda summed up our life in a van last night. While attempting to stuff her little face with a veggie-loaded Subway sandwich, in her carseat, waiting for Jesses practice to END already.. she calmly pointed out,
"Mom. A tomato just landed on my foot."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is It Innapropriate, If It's Hilarious?

I failed to notice.. until it was pointed out to me.. that the zucchini in the picture below.. is placed just so-- that it looks like Jasens big, green, weiner.
My apologies.

What WE Did Last Night..

While they did this...

I, did this..

(Yeah. It IS an edible map of the U.S. Regions.. for Jesse's 8th grade history class.I enjoy such projects-- and have a tendency to take them over whether asked to, or not. And yes.. those ARE Sophies pudgy little fingers lookin' to snag a marshmallow or two.)
How was YOUR Monday night?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nachos And Nighties..

So this last Friday was my annual "Get Outta Dodge Free" weekend! Every year my sisters husbands side of the family has this great "STARS" (Sisters Time And Retreat) weekend, that Sophie and I more often refer to as "The Girl Party". I've been lucky to get to know and love all of my sisters sister-in-laws, and their daughters, and daughter-in-laws, and THEIR daughters, over the years.. and once I had my own daughter.. we were invited to join in the the ultimate all-girl slumber party! SO, FUN.
There were nieces..

Big friends..

Little friends..

Darling friends..

And always, talent. (Here you would be witnessing the latest remake of Beyonces "Single Ladies", obviously.)

Of course.. with such remarkable acts.. there must always follow.. a very formal awards show..

With a captivated audience.. (you have to know my hilarious niece to fully appreciate her in this get-up..)

And no big event is complete without tipsy stars in gorgeous gowns..

Breath-taking, are we not??
(My sister morphed into THE most hilarious stoned Tammy-Faye-esque character ever.)

We laughed so hard applying our lipstick I think I might have just peed my pants a tiny bit.. and isn't that what it's all about??
Good food.. good friends..
and just a little bit of pee in your pants???
Thanks ladies! Loved every minute.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suffering From High Self-Esteem..

So I've always been a bit of a "praiser" if you will.
I compliment freely. I point out things I find unique or outstanding in human beings in general. Strangers even.
The checker at the grocery store-- the cable guy.
I enjoy letting people know they are admired for anything from a real-life skill.. to a good pair of earrings.
So yeah... I praise.
Especially my kids. I just like em. I think they're great. I think they are funny and interesting and kind and good.
Whether or not they actually are.. dunno.
I just know I think they are.. can't help it..and let them know it.
Now I have heard the argument against "too much" praise.. but those imaginary people trying to make us follow their life rules, aren't the boss of me.. and I decided a long time ago I wasn't ever going to NOT say something positive, or hold back on any form of approval, for anyone. Especially, my kids.
Having said that.. I can admit when there might be, a bit of a glitch in the system.
Case in point: If ya haven't noticed, I find much to adore in my one and only daughter. Not only is she my youngest.. and last child-- she is a GIRL.
Therefore.. much like my kids before her.. I am constantly pointing out her adorable-ness, to pretty much anyone who will listen, but most often.. to her personally.
In my defense.. she IS darling. She IS hilarious and ridiculously fun. I mean, do I really have a choice in the matter?
I hadn't realized how much MORE she obviously hears the compliments aimed at her, as opposed to her brothers.. until yesterday when she casually asked,
"Mom.. am I really, really, really, really, really, really.. special?"
"Yes".. I answered.. "you are really, really, really, really, really, REALLY special."
To which she concluded..
"And the boys are just.. plain, special?"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bring On The 'Nanners!

So it's Labor Day.. which means-- Labor Day sales..
at the grocery store.
One of the better deals to catch my ever-wandering-and-so-unsure-WHAT-to-purchase-and-prepare eyes, was the 20 cent/per pound, bananas.
Wow. 20 cents. Better buy LOTS.
So I did.. bout 20, to be exact.. and since, have been anxiously engaged in adding them to anything I can, before they (you know the drill..)
1. brown
2. sit on your counter cause you're sure you'll make banana bread, and then..
3. end up in the composte pile.
They have been eaten straight, in SlimFast shakes, and sliced-- with peanut butter.
I have always enjoyed the banana and peanut butter combo.. and in recent months have often even added a single chocolate chip on TOP of the banana slice, nestled into the peanut butter..
BUT, it wasn't until this morning.. that I added the final, and in my opinion.. PERFECT, final touch.
Imagine if you will.. a slice of perfectly ripened nanner..
a swirl of creamy, albeit generic, peanut butter..
a delicately placed chocolate chip..
and finally..
a piece of nutty pecan.
Go ahead.. try it.
Unless you have a nut allergy..
or are maybe grossed out by bananas..
you're GONNA like it.
I know I did.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well What's Not Cute About That??

Sophie turned 3 this year.. which means a few different things.
1. She is getting, bigger. And that's sad. Included in that fact-- is that she is growing out of some of my favorite outfits and shoes of hers, which is also, sad.
(May I mention, however.. that the latter has caused justification in purchasing new, fun, fall get-ups.. and that is not sad.
THAT, is fun.)
2. She has grown even fonder of eyeshadow, lip gloss, and anything with a "heel".
3. She still thinks boys kissing girls, is gross.. and that the boys on underwear packages WEARING underwear.. is even grosser.
4. She has learned to walk a fierce, imaginary catwalk.. and refers to herself as Emily pretty often, for no apparent reason.
(Oh.. and USES that phrase "for no apparent reason" on occasion.
Like the other night.. I hear a clunk.. and then there she was, running to me with tears streaming down her cheeks exclaiming,
"I just fell on the floor for NO APPARENT REASON!")
5. And really, the most important part.. and point of this particular entry..
the girl is finally old enough, to play KICKBALL.

Seriously.. I repeat.. WHAT is not cute about that??
She has been waiting all summer for this.
She loves her shirt, loves her hat, loves her coach.. and loves finally being the one to rake in the prized "after-snack."
She also highly enjoys being asked by her coach, "Where are ya gonna run to?"
So she can point really hard, at first base.

Here she is "digging in" with those versatile pink, flip-flops.
On the beach, or at a.. um.. kickball game-- where CAN'T you sport pink flip-flops?
I really did get her a pair of tennies after the first game.

Pink, "sparkly" tennies.. of course.