Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suffering From High Self-Esteem..

So I've always been a bit of a "praiser" if you will.
I compliment freely. I point out things I find unique or outstanding in human beings in general. Strangers even.
The checker at the grocery store-- the cable guy.
I enjoy letting people know they are admired for anything from a real-life skill.. to a good pair of earrings.
So yeah... I praise.
Especially my kids. I just like em. I think they're great. I think they are funny and interesting and kind and good.
Whether or not they actually are.. dunno.
I just know I think they are.. can't help it..and let them know it.
Now I have heard the argument against "too much" praise.. but those imaginary people trying to make us follow their life rules, aren't the boss of me.. and I decided a long time ago I wasn't ever going to NOT say something positive, or hold back on any form of approval, for anyone. Especially, my kids.
Having said that.. I can admit when there might be, a bit of a glitch in the system.
Case in point: If ya haven't noticed, I find much to adore in my one and only daughter. Not only is she my youngest.. and last child-- she is a GIRL.
Therefore.. much like my kids before her.. I am constantly pointing out her adorable-ness, to pretty much anyone who will listen, but most often.. to her personally.
In my defense.. she IS darling. She IS hilarious and ridiculously fun. I mean, do I really have a choice in the matter?
I hadn't realized how much MORE she obviously hears the compliments aimed at her, as opposed to her brothers.. until yesterday when she casually asked,
"Mom.. am I really, really, really, really, really, really.. special?"
"Yes".. I answered.. "you are really, really, really, really, really, REALLY special."
To which she concluded..
"And the boys are just.. plain, special?"


Jocelin said...

She's going to grow up strong and will never date a loser. Good work, mom!

emma jo said...

Heh, that is really really really really really really funny. I like validators, they's good people.

Ronda said...

So cute! Kids can never get enough praise - good job! :)

Clarice said...

I'm right there with ya that I don't think there is such a thing as too much praise when it comes to your kids. Now I say that knowing that most of the time when Bailey is told she is cute she says I know, I'm okay with that. I think in this day and age when nothing seems to be quite good enough, it is a good thing to have a high self esteem!!

Jana said...

She is cute and she deserves the praise!! :)

Abby said...

I am actually LOLing, so I can appropriately use "LOL."
I truly appreciate your ability to praise. I have been the recipient, and it makes me feel cool to know that someone as cool as you thinks there's something neat about me!
You don't lie--they deserve all that praise. And rest assured in knowing she is learning from her mom to pay the praise forward!

Abby said...

p.s. I think high self esteem is probably the antidote for catty girl behavior later. So well done in advance.

Heather Zwygart said...

I need to take lessons for you I tend to feel it is m job to correct and I forget the praise... I need praise class 101 from Katy!!

ALO said...

I feel the exact same way. If my kids weren't so smart and cute and funny and adorable then I wouldn't say it. But they are. What is a mom to do? And having an ONLY girl...tough business. Having a cute, smart, really funny, really adorable girl? Even tougher. Bring on the cute. I'm not going to worry one minute about must be celebrated!

Suzie Petunia said...

I think it was President Benson who said that withholding praise is a form of pride (the bad kind). So showering your lovies with praise is good. Prophet said so.

And I know they deserve all of it. How could they not? They are Oscarson offspring!