Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Question.

Bo wandered up to me the other day.. double dimples in tow.. and ask,
"Do people with brown hair, have to marry other people, with brown hair?"
(I think he was just checkin' his options.) A few moments later, on a seemingly completely different train of thought.. he was back by my side.
"Mom. When I get older like you-- will I have to worry?"
"Worry about what?" I asked.
"Oh.." he answered, kinda thinking a minute..
"like about, car insurance and stuff?"
I'm pretty confident I have never discussed anything on the subject of car insurance with him ever. I was kinda shocked he even knew it was a thing. I could of responded with..
"Actually, YES. You'll have to worry about that, and maybe even have it, but not get your cracked windsheild fixed for 2 years, like Mom, just cause you'd rather buy Old Navy clothes than pay your deductible."
But I didn't. I just smiled and said
"Have fun being little and NOT worrying about stuff."