Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Question.

Bo wandered up to me the other day.. double dimples in tow.. and ask,
"Do people with brown hair, have to marry other people, with brown hair?"
(I think he was just checkin' his options.) A few moments later, on a seemingly completely different train of thought.. he was back by my side.
"Mom. When I get older like you-- will I have to worry?"
"Worry about what?" I asked.
"Oh.." he answered, kinda thinking a minute..
"like about, car insurance and stuff?"
I'm pretty confident I have never discussed anything on the subject of car insurance with him ever. I was kinda shocked he even knew it was a thing. I could of responded with..
"Actually, YES. You'll have to worry about that, and maybe even have it, but not get your cracked windsheild fixed for 2 years, like Mom, just cause you'd rather buy Old Navy clothes than pay your deductible."
But I didn't. I just smiled and said
"Have fun being little and NOT worrying about stuff."


Brynne said...

Cute picture, did you take it specifically for this post? I can just see his little gears turning in his head as he is deeply pondering such important things of his future...

My kids have been on a big marriage kick lately too, must be a hot topic over at the elementary school playground or something. Mine are hung up on not being able to marry people in our family and the girls are especially concerned about marrying boys--would much rather marry girls. Think how really messed up and confused they would be if Proposition 8 had gone the other way! I can only imagine... Livvy in fact, wants to marry Sophie. When I asked her why she said "because she has lots of toys." Yep, nothin shallow about that one!

Heather said...

That is so cute! He is so cute in that picture. Don't we just love kids and there conversations! At savanna's b-day party all the grad kids were sitting at the table eating cake and started talking about girls and kissing. With the wide range of age, of kids at the table. It was quite interesting! Then my nephew who is 7 came to me and said I had a crush on 2 girls in 1st grade but I dumped both of them. I asked why and he said because they kept chasing me at recess trying to kiss me on the lips! I said oh good for you. He just smiled and walked away!

Stef said...

That is a great picture!!!!

Tasha said...

You know the dimples only work until your about 27, then you have to explore other options!! I am still looking for one! Love the picture! I am going to miss being in the nursery with you by the way!! I wonder what the 9 and 10 year old girls are going to do when I bring bubbles and wipe their noses for them!?!?!

Clarice said...

So cute. Bailey is worried about who she is going to marry and what his name is. She gets really upset when anyone tells her that she can't marry Cooper and doesn't want to get married in the Logan temple because that is mom and dad's temple and she wants her own!

emma jo said...

I would say "oh to be young again" but if I recall correctly, I started worrying in like 1st grade.