Friday, February 25, 2011

It's The Little Jabs That Mean The Most..

Why one would THINK I might take this opportunity to document Jasen and I's DEE-lightful, first-time-in-in-15-years without kids get-away (pause for gasping.)
to the balmy and breezy Florida sunshine..
I'm a little too distracted and tired and lazy to walk all the way to my purse to get my iphone to download the photos from it..
so instead, want to simply report that just now Sophie,
from the couch,
where she is flipping through old photos on the ipad.. stated:
"Oh Mom! Here is a picture of you pregnant..
and you are NOT lookin' good."
Got it Soph.
Thanks for the reminder.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soooo... Where was I....

Oh! THAT's right..
I last left you when my husband had just landed his latest promotion.
Hope no one has been offended by my lack of blogger-browsing, posting, or commenting since.
Really.. it's not you.. it's me.. and the fact that until now we thought our computer was busted in the move. (Apparantly, it was not.. and my 3 months of only-iphone internet access.. was all in vain.. sigh.)
But don't think for a moment I did not pathetically attempt to capture the last few months events in annoyingly dark and slightly grainy photos, on that very same iphone.. cause I did, cause who can find their real cameras and cords in a move?? Not I.
So now.. for your I'm SURE, long-awaited viewing pleasure..
I present to you, our family highlights as of late..
(I know.. the excitement must be KILLING you!)

We moved in to our new digs in Saratoga Springs on my birthday! (Happy Birthday! Start unpacking the 4,000 boxes in your living space!) The next week or so was a bit of a blur.. I just see alot of packing paper and box cutters in my memories..
and outta nowhere.. it was CHRISTMAS!
(Notice my ability to move past the crushing emotion of leaving all of our very best friends, our cozy home, grand yard, darling community, and chickens. That's how I roll.)
SO. We did Christmas.
Santa was obviously alerted of our new address..

We drove through the new and improved "3-D" light display here in the big city..

Santas sleigh was loaded..

..and delivered...

..followed by something even better than snowboards and bikes..

..darling, darling..

..comfy, cozy..

..familiar, lovey..

Nothin' like em.

Then Sam turned 12!

(I really like him..)
And aside from his half-eaten "S" cake..

(Mamma was just in a REAL cake kinda mood that day.. and figured, "What's a smaller tail on an S gonna hurt?? We won't talk about the fact that Mamma made the cake into an S shape in the first place.. JUST to get the scraps it provided that morning. No. We won't.)
Overall the boy had a great day, complete with new snowboard boots, new shoes.. and X-box points.. so who's gonna notice the tiny cake??

NEXT on the agenda..

Sophie turned 5!

(Anyone else getting aggitated at the quality and overall lack of light in every photo so far?? Come on.. let's plug through.. it's almost over.. we can do this..)

I really like her too.
With her little 5 year old freshly pierced ears..

(She was so big, so brave, and SO delighted over it..)
She spent a day at Build-A-Bear with one of her very bestest girlies, Ms. Liv..

..and this was one happy, birthday girl.
Have I mentioned how pleased I am all of my kids were born??
I am.
Almost forgot.
And Jasen took a tub in our new jacuzzi tub.

Now, you're all caught up.
That felt good.
Now go ahead.
I've missed you so.