Friday, February 25, 2011

It's The Little Jabs That Mean The Most..

Why one would THINK I might take this opportunity to document Jasen and I's DEE-lightful, first-time-in-in-15-years without kids get-away (pause for gasping.)
to the balmy and breezy Florida sunshine..
I'm a little too distracted and tired and lazy to walk all the way to my purse to get my iphone to download the photos from it..
so instead, want to simply report that just now Sophie,
from the couch,
where she is flipping through old photos on the ipad.. stated:
"Oh Mom! Here is a picture of you pregnant..
and you are NOT lookin' good."
Got it Soph.
Thanks for the reminder.


Jocelin said...

Looking forward to hearing about your time in Florida. I'm headed there next week. Going sans hubby, but excited nonetheless. And two thumbs up to Sophie for honesty. The world could use more--though NOT when talking about my maternity days.

Emma Jo said...

Shame on you little girl. I might have given her a stern look and a loving swat on the bottom. Actually, anytime I catch my kids laughing at my doughy stomach I like to remind them of who's fault it is.

Amy Lynn said...

I have hidden all pregnancy pictures...the muffin hanging over my middle is enough of a reminder. And I really am waiting for the Florida just looked so warm and peaceful.

Eleonora said...

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