Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Latest...

Not sure WHY , even with a shiny new computer, I can't seem to get in the blog groove again!
For so long the old computer was down.. we were moving.. the holidays.. getting ready for the Florida getaway.. got a boob job.. (see how I just slipped that in there real non-chalant like??) yadda-yadda.. and I'm all behind again!
In a nutshell:
(Let's say, pistachio.. cause their tastiest.. and easy to pry open..)
1. Florida, with just Jasen and I, was LOVELY.
And indulgent.
We began a trend we shamelessly coined "Double-dinner-ing"..
where after lolly-gagging around the pool til' 3,
you clean up, eat at 5..
and then after nice trip to the movies or factory outlets..
you eat again at midnight.
Disgusting, and delightful.
2. Sophie has decided she'd like to grow-up to be a girl on the Bachelor.
We're so proud.
3. Bo is begging to do karate.
It's $1,000.00 a year, and twice a week.. that whole year.
We're not sure.
That's a whole lotta money, and a whole lotta karate.
4. Sam suddenly has a posse of 12 friends that hang here from dusk til dawn.
Darling kids-- but they can put down some milk, chips, and pizza.
I may need to get a job to support their snacking habits.
5. Jesse wants nothing more than to play electric guitar in a band.
If you know anyone in the area looking for a cute kid who's really good.. do tell.
6. And for real. I got augmented.
Wish it wasn't inappropriate to post my "before" shot,
just so you could fully understand how necessary I found it to be,
and be as very pleased as I am that it is complete!
Rough first week-- but now feeling good, and oh-so-female.
HIghly reccommend it, and my doctor.

Did I miss anything??

I think that covers it.


Suzie Petunia said...

Um, pictures, please. You can't post about a boob job and not show us.

And all the other stuff you talked about was nice too. Especially the "double-dinnering" part.

Clarice said...

I am jeolous of your trip with the hubby and the warm weather that went with it!! Kudos on getting that boob job you have wanted for so long! :)

Brynne said...

Pistachio--yes, a very good nut to describe you! A lovely, special treat and easy to pry open! And although most everyone knows my all-too-strong opinions on the boob job subject, you, my friend, are one of the very small few that I can agree it was nearly a necessity and support it! Glad you are loving your new lady lumps! I still can't get over seeing your face above that chest! And good on ya for posting about it on your blog--an open book you are! Way to own it! Hopefully this post has got you feeling your bloggin' groove again 'cause some of us like to keep up with what's going on in your life! Thanks for posting!

Jana said...

Can't wait to see those hot mama boobies at BON JOVI!! It is ONLY 9 days away!! Don't be to offended it I stare!!

Amy Lynn said...

I want pictures! Are they splendid? I can't wait to see you! Time for a lunch date...

Emma Jo said...

Jealous. Just jealous really is all that comes to mind. Blast those tiny chested genes of ours.
I see nothing wrong with sharing a little cleavage on your blog. Do share!...I don't mean that in a creepy way at all...just a cousin who shares in your pre-flatness woes.

Derek and Bre said...

Yes I am with the others...jealous and want pictures!

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