Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well LOOKY There!

I hesitate to even state that my computer might actually be fixed for good this time.. in fear I just may jinx it.. but I'm gutsy like that.. and going to share that it has now been up and running for almost 4 days straight. I'm a little giddy.
It's like having a new baby in the house-- minus the diapers. Everyone wants to sit by it and play with it.. marveling at the miracle it truly is. I'm not proud I've now been sitting at it a full hour this morning.. the hour I'm usually making beds and starting laundry.. but again.. baby analogy.. and we all know those things can't always get done for the first little while. I just want to bask in the pleasure of it functioning a little longer before getting on with my day. Who knows.. maybe I'll jaunt on over to Facebook, check the weather report, download pictures from the last SIX months, or just look up cute shoes and bathing suits. The possibilities are endless. Ahhh. Being unproductive is SO relaxing.