Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who AM I??

So get this:
I started working out at a real live gym about a year ago.
Not that crazy.
But I recently began waking up at 6 am to go.
(Ya know, when it's creepy dark, and stupid cold out. Like, roosters aren't even ca-cawing yet.. THAT'S, the first bit-o-the crazy.)
I now not only do cardio, but lift weights. (It's kinda hard, and sorta burns, and I think I hate it-- but I just, keep, doing it.)
I do real guy push-ups.
I'm usually showered by 9:30-ish.. and then gather the hens eggs for my 11:00 omelet.
I still don't have a computer that runs, so for now, no longer sit and scroll through blogs and Facebook comments for hours on end..
and find that because of my early rising.. can barely stay awake for any trashy t.v. at all.
Freaked out yet??
Anyone who truly claims to know me at all, maybe should be.
Cause the Katy I know personally.. loves to sleep, only jogs, keeps showering to a tri-weekly event at best.. doesn't raise poultry, and certainly never goes to bed before 2am, especially not with a recorded Greys, unwatched.
So I repeat.. "Who, am I??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Of all the things I've lost.. I miss my blog the most..

Still no real computer.. still angry about typing with one finger on an iPhone.. and now so behind on random life's events I will most likely never document my boys first real football season, first day of school pics, our chickens first eggs (mmm.. omelets!) frolicking in the fall leaves, OR Halloween 2009.. (I know-- you're all DEVESTATED. We'll work through this together..)
But in the meantime, while I continue to with hold-- is that one word or two?--the greater part of my life from you all.. I still relish in all of your perfectly-functioning-computer generated posts, with joy... and will keep holding this tiny little phone in my numb left hand JUST long enough to share Sophies latest thought process with you all:
On the way home from Bo's basketball game this morning-- while I was discussing the way people here using the phrase "..clear over there" somehow really tickles my son Sam.. Sophie pipes in with this oh-so-important-at-age-3, question on life:
"Mom, if I don't even have a crush on anybody, who am I supposed to even marry?"