Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I'm A SUCKA!

Here's my two youngest kids the other night. Just an average weeknight.
Aren't they cute? All snuggled in, popcorn and pretzels in hand, movie in Sophies little 1980 VHS/TV combo..

..at 11:30 PM.
Yeah. How did THAT happen? Oh. It happened cause Sophie had slept in that day and "wasn't tired", and Bo snuck up out of his own bed to talk about a random thought on the alphabet.. or to point out some week old scab.. and happened upon Sophie, still awake and being entertained by some form of Disney.. and just crawled up there with his little sister, all precious-like. They were so giddy and pleased to be up, together, so late.. what was I to do?
Offer snacks, ofcourse.
Sneaky little adorable faces that know how to work it, plus one sucker-of-a-mother.. equals party in bed.. til' midnight.