Tuesday, June 30, 2009


(Did you say the post title with the right voice inflection??
I'm hoping so.)
We just finished Bo's T-ball season.. and what can I say?? Not only can the boy hit a ball.. but he looks dang cute in Converse tennis shoes.

I know.. Converse are more of a 'basketball' shoe.. and actually, aren't even worn for that much anymore. But their his favorite, and they matched, and come on folks.. it's not the major leagues- it's T-ball.
Ya gotta love a sport where everyone gets a home run.. a bag of cookies and a Capri Sun are mandatory reward after each game..

and chattin' with your buddy at first base is way more interesting than actually focusing on getting to second, base..

and playing with the dirt is always an acceptable way to pass the time on third.
I pretty much enjoy watching Bo do anything..

but him running it home, in his Converse.. has to be one of my favorites.
Nice season my boy!