Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have You Seen My Stuff??

The following items are constantly missing from my home.. or at least very VERY hard for me to find. I am convinced someone is rearranging my things to mess with my head.
1. Pencils with eraser still left.
2. Sophies OTHER "good" ruffle sock.
3. The new special spot I put my ipod at so I wouldn't forget where it was.
4. My single token spool of thread, with my single token needle stuck in it.
5. The checkbook.
6. The dog leash that retracts.
7. Jesse's lunch card, every morning, at 7:15.
8. A ponytail holder when I'm doing housework and my hair is making me HOT.
9. A safety pin when I'm late for church and my bra is showing.
10.The phone when it's ringing.