Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I Wrong??

As I type.. my very awake, very noisy, but VERY happy kids are all in the basement.. screaming and squealing in delight. I couldn't tell ya exactly what it is they are saying or doing.. just that they seem to be having a great time. They are dinnered, desserted, bathed and brushed.. trottin' around down there in their jammies laughing really hard as they bang into furniture and wrestle, and then stop to discuss a super hero or annoying teacher. Did I mention it's 10:00 on a school night?
I know.. I know. Kids need their sleep.. and 7:00 am comes sickly quick for both Jesse and me when the painfully boring middle school classes call.. (Jesse cannot express just HOW lame his education is. Gone are the elementary school days of Dinosaur reports and field trips. It's all algebra and literary terms for miles..)and I realize that most kids on the block have been tucked away tight for at least an hour by now. But there's something about the magic of pre-tuck in moments.. that somehow turns daytime siblings complaining of boredom.. into the best of friends completely entertained by one anothers presence. I don't know if it's the fun of just knowing they SHOULD be in bed.. and aren't yet.. or the simple void of the busy days distractions.. but whatever causes the friendly bonding to erupt almost on a nightly basis-- is hard to disrupt. Hard to force to an end. Hard to break-up, for bedtime.
I think deep down I just know these precious minutes of giggles and impromptu games--can only happen, now. Before I know it they'll be dating and driving and off to be grown-ups.. have mortgages and jobs and kids of their own.. and now is their time to be kids. Be siblings. Be friends. In their jammies in the basement. At bedtime.