Monday, February 23, 2009

Can I Get A "Yee-Haw"???

Yeah. That's me and Trace Adkins.. case you were wonderin'!
(Sidenote: Trace Atkins is a country STAR.. for those of you not blessed with the gift of country music in your sad little lives!)
He wasn't NEAR as enthusastic about our meeting as I was.. but he was a gentlemen, and avoided getting that permanant marker in his hand, on my cute shirt.
Last weekend I had my big trip to Kansas City
with my Rees Ladies! (Jasens 3 sisters and Mom.)

One of his sisters (The one to the very left that lives in Nashville.. who usually has her eyes OPEN!)used to be Trace Adkins wife's personal assistant.
So 5 free tickets and 5 backstage passes later.. we were THERE!

And WOO-EE-shut-my MOUTH did we have a good time!
(I also enjoyed the hotel..)

Not only did the lobby have a REALLY cool floor..
(do you think there's many germs on a hotel/casino floor??)

But cigarettes in the casino were only six bucks a pack! Bonus!

It was a honky-tonk-ba-donk-a-tonk-time. Thanks girls.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Kids REALLY Want..

As I sat looking at Sophie and Bo's darling little beings playing around in the tub this morning.. I had a "Oh they can't EVER grow up!" moment, and asked out loud..
"What will I do when you two aren't my little kids any more?"
Without missing a beat, and quite matter of factly Bo stated,
"Um, get a job so we can have more money."
Oh.. O.K.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight, Jesse went snowboarding with a friend on this huge hill up the block they've discovered, that I'm pretty sure belongs to someone.. but so far that someone, doesn't seem to mind.
Sam claimed he had no homework (and was pretty convincing, so I didn't even check..) and proceeded to find great enthusiasm out of blowing air into paper lunch sacks, and popping them. (Kinda wasteful, but again, made him REALLY happy.)
Bo became obsessed with learning how to tell time, and sat with me for an hour on the couch, our big wall clock, off the wall, and in hand.. concentrating so hard I thought his little dimpled face might burst.
Sophie helped me make chicken roll-ups, and while licking the cream cheese wrapper clean (is that weird?) let me know I was the best Mom in the world, for no apparent reason.
(Perhaps because I was letting her lick the cream cheese wrapper?)
Oh. And earlier, I walked Roscoe in the white deep snow, while it was snowing, and he loved it. It was crisp and refreshing and blustery out. It felt good.
I made the kids eat all their broccoli at dinner.
We then all settled in for some American Idol, and cookie dough ice cream.
Jasen, after working 3, 16-hour days, was happy to be home, and on the couch too.
We randomly had to pause American Idol for Sophies impromptu 'live' performances on the ottoman, where she sings words like "I was crying on the staircase.. in polyester.." into her microphone made of a magnetic stick and ball, while shaking her little hips like crazy.
(When she finishes a song, she waits for our comments and then asks, "Am I going to Hollywood??")
She later became frustrated when she couldn't wrap herself in a blanket like a burrito like Bo was doing.. so resorted to tackling Dad with a hug.
I tucked my boys in.. brought up some laundry.. read books and laid with Sophie til' she was breathing her 'sleeping breathing'.. and snuck out.
The night ended with a date with my boyfriend (Jasen. You've probably met him.) watching 24, and eating a handful of nacho chips that weren't at all necessary to my physical nutrition, but just kinda sounded good.
After the show.. we talked awhile.. and then climbed in bed.
I layed there thinking about my night. Nothing outrageous or unusual about it. No big plans played out, just the ordinary stuff. But it was a great night. Just great. So I just crawled out of bed to write about it. And I think one day, reading about it, will make me happy and nostalgic for nights just like this one.
What did you do tonight?

Friday, February 13, 2009

P.S. On The P.P.P

Just a side note on the Poofy Pink Party Day, (see two posts down) that I forgot to mention-- but will want to remember. After the pink poofiness was winding down.. in birthday tradition, we always let the birthday person pick a restaurant to 'party on' at that night. Sizzler is usually the hot spot of choice.. oh how we love that Sizzlin' Sizzla'..but Sophie was dead set on McDonald's. Something about a mouth full-a-fried meat wasn't turnin' us on.. so she was delicately "swayed" by her parents to consider Olive Garden, cause after all.. they SING to you.
The mere thought of a tad more attention coupled with singing in any form.. and she was on board. It wasn't until we were seated at the restaurant, and she observed a number of male waiters, that she stated, "I only want girls to sing. No boys."
Hey.. it's HER birthday.. so we requested an all-chick chorus. Throughout the meal she must of reminded me at least 5 times.. "I don't want boys to sing Mom. Just girls." Sure enough.. 4 women show up and give her the strictly female performance she had requested. She sat pleased as they sang.. and when they left, I turned to ask her if she liked it. She replied beaming,
"I didn't see any boys!"
We'll get back with ya in ten years and see if she's minding boys participating in her birthday THEN.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ever Have An "Ugly Day??"

Well welcome to our Ugly Night!

Need I say more?

The Poofiest Pinkest Party Ever..

It was poofy.. it was pink.. it was perfect.
The poofy due to the tooling overlay on the table and chairs--
the pink because, well..

You get the idea.
And perfect, cause, obviously..

This is Sophie as the breathtakingly blue Cinderella..
And the following is Sophie in her self-created alter-ego that we lovingly refer to as, "The Crazy Princess."

She spent the better part of her birthday dressed as either one, or the other.
We love em' both.
Her and six other little decked out 'princess' friends celebrated her 3rd birthday in all of their furry, sparkly, tiara'd elegance!

She couldn't have been more pleased with the decor and events. She wandered out that morning to her 'Tea Party Wonderland' if you will.. and quietly just stared around in awe, before stating in a whisper.. "It's beautiful."

Anything for my girly girl. Anything.

Friday, February 6, 2009

That Sam-I-Am, That Sam-I-Am.. How We Love That Sam-I-Am.

Look who hit the double digits! Our sweet Sam turned 10 on February 4th.. with some rad new snowboard goggles, a new DS game.. and very large bag of Sour Patch Kids, to prove it!

I have been wanting to post a blog dedicated to our Sammy Lamb for some time.. so now is as perfect time as ever to celebrate the hilarious and unique being that is our Sammy boy.
This picture sums up alot.

The best part about Sam.. is that his mind is always somewhere you've probably never been.. and he's constantly imagining, day-dreaming, and creating out of the ordinary moments.. and um.. sticking pencils through apples-- cause, why not??

So to record a few tidbits about our Sam-a-lamb-a-ding-dong:
Almost since birth.. he has had a skill for getting way more food AROUND his plate, than in his actual, mouth.

He will spend all day in the tub just hanging out.. and ya know.. shoving stuff down the drain..

He is go-with-the-flow-er. A takin' his timer.
And never, ever, a hurrier.

He is a dresser-upper..

An observer..

And a dreamer..

And one of my personal favorite traits of our Lamb.. is that through his big-kid cool.. he is still an excitable, ever-enthusiastic, believing, kid.

Our boy is a skater, a snowboarder.. and lover of all holidays and celebrations. He is a giver of love and affection to his little sister and big dog.. and hugger, snuggler and affection giver to his Mom. He loves his family. He likes when everyone is home together.. just us.. and his deep laughter is silly and contagious.
He loves sushi, and snow, and getting under a blanket after he eats.
Since he was a baby.. I have often said I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't get to raise Sam.. how we love him. How lucky I am to be his Mom. Happy birthday wonderful boy.