Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Kids REALLY Want..

As I sat looking at Sophie and Bo's darling little beings playing around in the tub this morning.. I had a "Oh they can't EVER grow up!" moment, and asked out loud..
"What will I do when you two aren't my little kids any more?"
Without missing a beat, and quite matter of factly Bo stated,
"Um, get a job so we can have more money."
Oh.. O.K.


Amy Lynn said...

THAT is hilarious! Think how rich we'd be if we were being paid for being "stay-at-home" moms...even minimum wage!

Tasha said...

Pretty sure kids aren't even close to as sentimental as we are!!haha That is so funny!! I agree with you though...the older my kids get...the more I don't want them to!! What I want to know did you respond to that one?!?LOL