Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight, Jesse went snowboarding with a friend on this huge hill up the block they've discovered, that I'm pretty sure belongs to someone.. but so far that someone, doesn't seem to mind.
Sam claimed he had no homework (and was pretty convincing, so I didn't even check..) and proceeded to find great enthusiasm out of blowing air into paper lunch sacks, and popping them. (Kinda wasteful, but again, made him REALLY happy.)
Bo became obsessed with learning how to tell time, and sat with me for an hour on the couch, our big wall clock, off the wall, and in hand.. concentrating so hard I thought his little dimpled face might burst.
Sophie helped me make chicken roll-ups, and while licking the cream cheese wrapper clean (is that weird?) let me know I was the best Mom in the world, for no apparent reason.
(Perhaps because I was letting her lick the cream cheese wrapper?)
Oh. And earlier, I walked Roscoe in the white deep snow, while it was snowing, and he loved it. It was crisp and refreshing and blustery out. It felt good.
I made the kids eat all their broccoli at dinner.
We then all settled in for some American Idol, and cookie dough ice cream.
Jasen, after working 3, 16-hour days, was happy to be home, and on the couch too.
We randomly had to pause American Idol for Sophies impromptu 'live' performances on the ottoman, where she sings words like "I was crying on the staircase.. in polyester.." into her microphone made of a magnetic stick and ball, while shaking her little hips like crazy.
(When she finishes a song, she waits for our comments and then asks, "Am I going to Hollywood??")
She later became frustrated when she couldn't wrap herself in a blanket like a burrito like Bo was doing.. so resorted to tackling Dad with a hug.
I tucked my boys in.. brought up some laundry.. read books and laid with Sophie til' she was breathing her 'sleeping breathing'.. and snuck out.
The night ended with a date with my boyfriend (Jasen. You've probably met him.) watching 24, and eating a handful of nacho chips that weren't at all necessary to my physical nutrition, but just kinda sounded good.
After the show.. we talked awhile.. and then climbed in bed.
I layed there thinking about my night. Nothing outrageous or unusual about it. No big plans played out, just the ordinary stuff. But it was a great night. Just great. So I just crawled out of bed to write about it. And I think one day, reading about it, will make me happy and nostalgic for nights just like this one.
What did you do tonight?


Colette said...

I just love regular day moments. Very nice. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are all about American Idol around here as well.

Kristina said...

There is something so satisfying about these kinds of nights, like all is right in the world and in my home. I love it when we have those and wish I could bottle the feeling and the evening so it would just last a little longer!
P.S. Love that Sophie wanted an all girl chorus and she got it!

Tasha said...

I love the days where you have "nothing" to do! We did homework for a while...the boys went to young mens...and what would a Tuesday night be without Idol and Biggest Loser?!?

Amy Lynn said...

Those are my favorite kinds of nights. I actually really hate having things to do at night because I'd rather be at home snuggled on the old couch with my favorite hunk of man on one side and all 3 kids snuggled or performing or reading or doing whatever all around me! Thanks for the reminder that the ordinary moments are the most precious!

Heather Zwygart said...

Well now that it is wednesday, I'm glad yesterday is over. It was'nt a bad day just busy and crazy. I did get to take 3 of my kids to a movie which never happens and that was great until on the way home Tiler announced he neede to make a volcano for tomorrow!! Nothing like waiting tell the last minute. Combine that with yw and excellence, Tim having a bad day and Zadie trying to potty train and that was our night!! Glad we made it all in one piece!!! fyi!! Little salt dough valcano's dry really fast infront of the heater all night long!!

Dave and Mel said...

You are an amazing writer. I always lick the cream cheese wrapper...even if my kids ask first...I'm in charge. And by the way....I love dipping graham crackers in milk. And I wish that they reminded me of dirty nursery toys, because frankly....a woman can have too many graham crackers. And for the record...my sister is on a mission in Australia....and she can't find graham crackers anywhere. Isn't that sad? A whole continent is with out those delectable crackers.

Julie said...

No place better than the couch with the whole family together. Tuesday nights Dad watches in Chicago, we watch here, but we save it on Weds. to watch together. I do believe that one day our Sophie will be a star of some kind. She may even star in one of her mommy's scripts that Hollywood will finally decide to make into a movie.

Suzie Petunia said...

It is so good to record these happy memories! You'll be so glad you did.

AND it made me want to come hang out with your fam. What cute people you are!