Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On A Lighter Note..

So though very "cleansing" and somewhat theraputic.. I've been feeling bad my last post was kind of a drag.. (though I do appreciate all your sweet comments-- and promise you, as presumed would be.. it was better in, the morning..)so thought I'd lighten the mood here on "Nothin' But Love", and share a quick story that made me giggle.
My cute sister-in-law called to say that among other family news, her daughter, my neice, was in the middle of her final senior project, which involved having to serve in the community for a certain amount of hours.
(Kay.. that just made it sound like she was graduating from prison.. it's actually a private Catholic school.. just to clear things up.)
Moving on.
So the service they were assigned was volunteering in a Nursing Home.
Simple enough.
They were assigned a small group in the dementia ward.. which I'm sure get's tricky, but in all their festive, young girl spirit-- last week decided that for their activity, a Cinco Di Mayo party is JUST what the group needed.

Fast forward to the pinata.
I know. A pinata in the dementia ward. It's already a little bit funny.

But what gets funnier.. is that when the girls noticed the old folks weren't really getting the hang of it.. my darling niece decided to step forward and demonstrate how it's done.
So apparently a young, healthy girl, swinging a plastic bat,
came across as threatening to a little lady in the group..
who suddenly began beating my niece, with her cane..
like a pinata.

(Insert chuckle.)

I'll leave off that the woman, in her defensive fury..
fell and broke her hip.
Cause that would just bring ya all down again.