Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Small Request...

So.. I REALLY enjoy the white New York Cheesecake flavor of soft serve yogurt at the Maverick.
REALLY, enjoy it.
And when they have it.. it usually stays around for awhile-- until they switch out the flavor to something I find disgusting.. like cookies and cream.
(Cookies and cream YOGURT... really?)
So here we are in September, with hot weather coming to an end, and I'm panicking just a smidge because last I checked.. it's still cookies and crud.. and I want me some white New York cheesecake, before it SNOWS.
My request?? That any of you frequenting the Maverick.. comment that you'd love to see the return of the white New York Cheesecake flavor (there is power in numbers..)and inform me immediately if you see the switch has been made. I'm not joking around here folks.

I know. Pretty important stuff.