Monday, December 1, 2008

The Boy's Got Skills (And The Princess Prefers Asian)

We are not a "musical" family by any means (I am totally and completely tone-deaf, as the poor little children in my nursery class will attest.. and Jasen has never even SEEN 'The Sound Of Music.' WHO hasn't seen The Sound of Music? I didn't know one could live 36 years in America.. and NOT.) But I gotta give our Jesse some props (I use words like "props" to sound younger.. is it working??) In the last few months-- thanks to a generous hand-me-down gift of a sweet electric guitar (see how I did that again.. "sweet.") and a few lessons.. the boy has totally got it goin' on.. as he displayed here at our own private concert the other night!
(Bo was lucky enough to get an autograph. He'll probably sell it for cash on Ebay.)
In other news..
Sophie the Crazy Princess (she prefers her tiara, upside down..) while eating fried rice, declared, "Princesses like Chinese food."

So. Now ya know.