Friday, May 8, 2009

Poops And Hoops

Yeah. I said 'poops'.
I apologize for two posts in a row featuring my terrible, horrible, no-good very bad 1965 yet-to-be-redone, bathroom... but this was too entertaining to miss.
In a house with 4 males.. the bathroom is a spot USUALLY being used for stinky, long, drawn out visits. While a Sports Illustrated or good book is a more common form of 'toilet entertainment' if you will.. I walked in the other day to find one of my boys had gotten a tad more creative.

What your witnessing here.. (along with my ugly bathroom..)
is a make-shift basketball hoop.. out of obviously durable cardboard.. attached to the tub with electrical tape no less.. just in reach of dunking shot from the local toilet.
Who need s a rec center when ya got this?
The fun never stops.