Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Not You.. It's Facebook.

I think I've figured it out..
(No.. not world peace.. sillies..
something MUCH more pressing..)
WHY I can't get my blogging groove on.
Ya see.. while blogging IS superior in it's ability to really tell a story or share an event, with photos to enhance the viewers experience even..
I found, during my extended time without access to a computer,
that while my iphone was too tiny to enjoy really writing anything of worth on..
it was UNUSUALLY easy to not only post a quick Facebook status on,
(For example..
"There's a live BIRD, flapping around my ROOM!"
See? That usually would of merited a blog post, I mean.. it POO'D on my wall, and ran into my WINDOWS.
The horror.
THAT made Facebook, immediately.)
..but also, adding pictures I could take instantly WITH my iphone, was WAAAAAY slicker than the camera download rig-a-ma-roll I was used to with blogging.
So.... I'm LAZY, basically.
And feel a little silly repeating my highly unimportant goings ons.. twice into cyber world, on a usual basis.
For instance..
I soon may very well may post to FB that Sophie just called from the bathroom,
"MOM! I know why that poop was so hard to get out..
Cause it was SO, big."
But then do I repeat the ever urgent news here??
However will I decide.
I told you this was pressing.

In the meantime..
I plan on supporting you dedicated,
and oh so entertaining die-hards,
with the respect, and comments you deserve.

Blog on people.
Blog ON.