Monday, October 19, 2009

So help me.....

.. If my computer was my spouse -- I would leave it. And I'd take the leather couches.
It has chosen to crash itself into oblivion, again. Like, won't even turn on really. I think it's just messing with me now.
In the meantime I'm trying to type this on my sons itouch, and it's making me cranky.
Anybody know any good computer guys?? Cause until I find one.. I refuse to blog with 2 fingers on a five inch screen, and will miss you all dearly.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And I'm BACK...(Now New And Improved, With Oats!)

Miracles really do happen.
I turned on my computer tonight.. completely prepared to find it slow as ever and ready to be irked.
And then.. WA-LA. Look at me!! I'm hitting buttons and clickin' left and right.. only to have it RESPOND! AND QUICKLY!
Let's just all take a moment to give thanks.
So obviously.. after quite a dry spell.. I need to post like a ho-bo needs a drink.
(Sorry. That was judgemental. Not all ho-bo's drink. And ho-bo is probably politically incorrect. My apologies to all the ho-bo's reading my blog tonight, sober.)
For starters.. I feel a need to share my "Facebook Moment". Though more committed to the blogworld.. I do tend to dabble in the Facebook universe sporadically.. and recently found a darling friend that I hadn't had contact with since maybe 8th grade.
We somehow realized we both had a thing for really good oatmeal. (I know.. the first thing most people discuss after 23 years.. IS oatmeal.) She told me about these great steel-cut oats from Trader Joes, with organic brown sugar and fancy dried fruit that I must try.. (which of course I replied that I'd love to.. but not ONLY do we not have a Trader Joes-- could she believe I also survive without Target??)
long story long.. a few days later.. THIS shows up on my doorstep:

With THIS, inside..

which contained.. THESE:

(By the way.. Sophie was my photographer. She's a rookie, but I was kinda impressed she even got my face.)
I then, joyfully, made THIS:

It was delicious.
All hail cyber friendships.
It's good to be back.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

THIS Could Get Annoying...

So my computer has taken a turn for the worse.. and out of the clear old open blue, for no apparent reason-- it's taking at least 30 seconds to respond to EVERY click I attempt.
(That was my frustrated mumblings.. along with my empty stomach.)
So I'm here, not with a clever antidote or good picture or ANYTHING interesting.. but to ask for your understanding in my temporary "comment break" here in blog world. (It's like a cigarette break.. without the smell. Or nicotine.)
I do love ya all.. just don't have the time or patience to respond appropriately to all your adorable posts.
NOW what am I supposed to do?