Thursday, October 8, 2009

THIS Could Get Annoying...

So my computer has taken a turn for the worse.. and out of the clear old open blue, for no apparent reason-- it's taking at least 30 seconds to respond to EVERY click I attempt.
(That was my frustrated mumblings.. along with my empty stomach.)
So I'm here, not with a clever antidote or good picture or ANYTHING interesting.. but to ask for your understanding in my temporary "comment break" here in blog world. (It's like a cigarette break.. without the smell. Or nicotine.)
I do love ya all.. just don't have the time or patience to respond appropriately to all your adorable posts.
NOW what am I supposed to do?


me and him said...

well...i'll leave you a comment so that you at least have something to read when your computer finally decides to open this window!

you're grrrrrrr..8!
(sorry, have frosted flakes on the mind)

Brynne said...

Well I may just have to boycott posting since you are the only one who comments/reads mine! :)

That would be soooooo frustrating though, I feel your pain!

Heather Zwygart said...

hey you can't quit what will I have to read!! No offence but no one can write like Katy I look forward to it! So sad!!

ALO said...

We have a computer that I hate and loathe. I wish I could say it was one specific thing but every day it comes up with some new, fascinating way to irritate and annoy me. And yet here I am...glutton for punishment I guess!