Friday, April 16, 2010

JUST So Ya Know..

I wasn't REALLY done rambling on and posting pictures about, our Vegas trip, that you will find below..
but my AWESOME computer stopped letting me add photos (as if to say, "That will be enough of that. You don't want to bore the people..") so it was cut short..
but when I regain my energies-- perhaps I will add more. Whether ya want em' or not.

VEGAS, Baby.

So just about the time we'd resigned ourselves to the fact that Spring Break 2010 would be an exciting week of frequenting mediocre local restaurants, and having the kids play violent video games for HOURS on end...
it started to SNOW, a lot, in April. We're talking blizzardy, accumulating, snowfall.
We snapped. And by snapped I mean: got on line, booked a hotel, changed the oil in the finny-fan, woke the kids up at 6 am to the tune of "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis.. and by Tuesday at 3:00 were rolling onto the sunny, palm-tree'd, neon-lit glory of THE strip!! SO much better than going for burgers at home.
Jasen had never, ever been in all his 37 years.. and I'd been there one night, at age 15. NEEDLESS to say-- so fun to see-- so much to take in-- (and not NEARLY as many boobies as I'd feared!)As we stopped in traffic right smack dab in front of the famous Bellagio fountains.. they suddenly sprang to life to the tune of no other than the "Viva Las Vegas" we had continued to blast every hour, on the hour.. of our 8 hour trip down.. as if Vegas itself was calling, "Nice choice! Glad to have ya!"
We had warned our virgin, innocent boys.. of the images we might happen upon.. (but assured them that being somewhere fun, and WARM, was worth whatever permanent damage it may have on them..) and were pleasantly surprised at the lack of nakedness.. the down-right cleanliness of the streets themselves. I don't know.. maybe I was blinded by the bright sunshine on my skin and warm breeze in my hair.. but I found it delightful. We wandered the strip for hours.. taking in everything from the fountains

to the Venetian..

(The boys wanted a boat ride.. and although fun in theory.. I felt having an American dressed in stripes, singing right to us-- might be more awkward, then authentic.) New York, New York..

waited patiently for the Mirage volcano..

and found the only hard drug offered to us was a new form of "crack"..

that we of course accepted.. and enjoyed.
As Sophie twirled back down the street into the lobby of hotel at 10:00 P.M..
she let out a pleased sigh and declared..
"THAT, was great."
We stayed in the MGM Signature Suites which are LOVELY, and perfect, because unlike pretty much EVERY other hotel-- there is no casino, no smoking,

and a walkway to the MGM Grand with the best pool EVER.

Why did I not realize there would be palm trees?? PALM TREES folks. I should REALLY get out more. Oh. And frozen drinks.

Along with a relaxed husband.. not at work.

Us.. not eating at local joints.

And happy kids.. NOT playing violent video games.