Monday, October 20, 2008

One More Angel's Watching Over Us

Last night, Jasens sweet Dad, suffered a sudden heart-attack, and has passed away.
We are so very sad. Please keep Jasen in your prayers this week.

How I will remember my darling father-in-law..

He was a project away from being done..
and football on t.v.--
he was a rancher in his heart of hearts..
but a business man, to raise a family.
He liked to stay up watching movies,
with his sons there all night long.
He'd joke,"Sounds like a personal problem"
if ya told him what was wrong.
But he was tender.. he was loyal.
Unwavering in times of fear.
And his arms were a favorite place,
for all his grandkids gathered near.
He loved steak made outside on the grill,
and "chocolate bagels" for dessert..
and when his loved ones suffered,
was the only time, you knew he hurt.
He was loving. He was gentle.
He was honest. He was fair.
He was making patato salad..
and glad to have you there.
Dennis. Husband. Brother. Son.
Dad. Poppy,and Grandpa.
In every part he played..
it was a great man that we saw.
And that is why we'll miss him.
In his jeans and white tennis shoes.
He was someone we love with all our hearts..
and that it breaks our hearts, to lose.