Friday, February 13, 2009

P.S. On The P.P.P

Just a side note on the Poofy Pink Party Day, (see two posts down) that I forgot to mention-- but will want to remember. After the pink poofiness was winding down.. in birthday tradition, we always let the birthday person pick a restaurant to 'party on' at that night. Sizzler is usually the hot spot of choice.. oh how we love that Sizzlin' Sizzla'..but Sophie was dead set on McDonald's. Something about a mouth full-a-fried meat wasn't turnin' us on.. so she was delicately "swayed" by her parents to consider Olive Garden, cause after all.. they SING to you.
The mere thought of a tad more attention coupled with singing in any form.. and she was on board. It wasn't until we were seated at the restaurant, and she observed a number of male waiters, that she stated, "I only want girls to sing. No boys."
Hey.. it's HER birthday.. so we requested an all-chick chorus. Throughout the meal she must of reminded me at least 5 times.. "I don't want boys to sing Mom. Just girls." Sure enough.. 4 women show up and give her the strictly female performance she had requested. She sat pleased as they sang.. and when they left, I turned to ask her if she liked it. She replied beaming,
"I didn't see any boys!"
We'll get back with ya in ten years and see if she's minding boys participating in her birthday THEN.