Monday, September 7, 2009

Bring On The 'Nanners!

So it's Labor Day.. which means-- Labor Day sales..
at the grocery store.
One of the better deals to catch my ever-wandering-and-so-unsure-WHAT-to-purchase-and-prepare eyes, was the 20 cent/per pound, bananas.
Wow. 20 cents. Better buy LOTS.
So I did.. bout 20, to be exact.. and since, have been anxiously engaged in adding them to anything I can, before they (you know the drill..)
1. brown
2. sit on your counter cause you're sure you'll make banana bread, and then..
3. end up in the composte pile.
They have been eaten straight, in SlimFast shakes, and sliced-- with peanut butter.
I have always enjoyed the banana and peanut butter combo.. and in recent months have often even added a single chocolate chip on TOP of the banana slice, nestled into the peanut butter..
BUT, it wasn't until this morning.. that I added the final, and in my opinion.. PERFECT, final touch.
Imagine if you will.. a slice of perfectly ripened nanner..
a swirl of creamy, albeit generic, peanut butter..
a delicately placed chocolate chip..
and finally..
a piece of nutty pecan.
Go ahead.. try it.
Unless you have a nut allergy..
or are maybe grossed out by bananas..
you're GONNA like it.
I know I did.