Friday, August 7, 2009

Missed Me--Missed Me.. Do Ya Wanna Kiss Me??

I know. You've been on the edge of your computer chair seat.. awaiting my return.
Well.. I'm BACK! Back from a really RADICAL trip (can you tell I was chillin' with my very much younger, and oh-so-much cooler nephews and nieces while ON that trip?? I have now committed myself to using both the words "radical", and "rad" on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy it.)
Back from 12 days of getting to look at, and talk to, and laugh at.. my brothers and sister..

and their darling families.
I'm back from morning jogs to the boardwalk and circuit training on the pool deck overlooking the ocean.
Back from days lounging on the beach next to my hubby..

while my kids roll in the huge, crashing waves.. and dig in the brown-sugar sand.
Back from nights strolling each towns fry-filled boardwalks..
and eating more Grottos pizza and Cream of Crab soup than any 37-year-old with a mediocre metabolism should ever indulge in.

Back from sister time..
..girl time..
and a highlight.. "spa" time!
Back from midnight rounds of 'Celebrity' and 'Charades'..
Candy Kitchen treats out the wa-zoo...
and cousins.

Lots and lots.. of darling.. entertaining.. fun, fun, cousins.
Infact.. RAD cousins.

(they don't actually MAKE these faces in real life.)
Trust me when I say there are at least another 50 shots of those very fun cousins.. but this downloading is gettin' a little tedious-- and my kids would appreciate my attention at SOME point today.. so I'll stop. But ya get the idea.
So for now.. though I loved every minute of it.. I'll just be back. Back to ortho appointments.. football practice taxi.. and watering our dying lawn. Back to laundry, and bills, and our busted bumper. (Oh yeah. Did I mention Jasens fender bender before leaving?? No injuries.. other than.. um.. the bumper.) So even though I would go BACK.. in an INSTANT even.. it's always good to BE back. Back to our town, and streets, and friends, and home. Back to our own pillows and blankets. Back to bed before 3am (well.. for the most part..) and eating fruit on a regular basis.

And back to hearing about all of your own summer adventures through the beautiful world of blog.
Happy sporadic summer posting to all.