Saturday, October 10, 2009

And I'm BACK...(Now New And Improved, With Oats!)

Miracles really do happen.
I turned on my computer tonight.. completely prepared to find it slow as ever and ready to be irked.
And then.. WA-LA. Look at me!! I'm hitting buttons and clickin' left and right.. only to have it RESPOND! AND QUICKLY!
Let's just all take a moment to give thanks.
So obviously.. after quite a dry spell.. I need to post like a ho-bo needs a drink.
(Sorry. That was judgemental. Not all ho-bo's drink. And ho-bo is probably politically incorrect. My apologies to all the ho-bo's reading my blog tonight, sober.)
For starters.. I feel a need to share my "Facebook Moment". Though more committed to the blogworld.. I do tend to dabble in the Facebook universe sporadically.. and recently found a darling friend that I hadn't had contact with since maybe 8th grade.
We somehow realized we both had a thing for really good oatmeal. (I know.. the first thing most people discuss after 23 years.. IS oatmeal.) She told me about these great steel-cut oats from Trader Joes, with organic brown sugar and fancy dried fruit that I must try.. (which of course I replied that I'd love to.. but not ONLY do we not have a Trader Joes-- could she believe I also survive without Target??)
long story long.. a few days later.. THIS shows up on my doorstep:

With THIS, inside..

which contained.. THESE:

(By the way.. Sophie was my photographer. She's a rookie, but I was kinda impressed she even got my face.)
I then, joyfully, made THIS:

It was delicious.
All hail cyber friendships.
It's good to be back.